Styling Ideas from Tucker for Target

13 Oct

We’ve all officially made it to hump day! The only thing truly getting me through this week is the fact that Friday morning I will be on a plane beside my wonderful boyfriend bound for Los Angeles. Midterm exams are coming up and this little vacay will provide a much needed break. So much for pulling out the sweaters I mentioned here, it might even be warm enough in the City of Angels for a day trip to the beach! But enough about me, the post I planned for today is about some cool ways to transition an outfit from day to night.

(Click on any photo to make it appear full-size in a new window.)

Gaby Basora’s current line for Go International, called Tucker for Target, may only be in stores until October 17th, but inspiration from her well-styled models is here to stay. While going through the press photos for the limited edition line, I was not particularly impressed by the quality or fashion ingenuity of the affordable clothing. However, I was immediately struck by the selection of outfits for display, especially the seemingly effortless layering which would easily transition from work to play. (Teehee, I made a rhyme, unintentionally.) Here are three of my favorite outfits desconstructed, admired mostly for the assembly and not so much the pieces themselves.

Look 1- Blouse under Day Dress

For Work: I would have never thought to add a boldly printed blouse under a flowy day dress. The structuring around the wrist and cinched belt at the waist help create a defined shape. Since the dress is a bit short for the office, I love that they paired it with flats to keep it a tad more conservative.

For Play: Just remove the under-blouse, throw on a pair of dramatic heels, and off you go!

Look 2- Graphic Tank with A-Line Textured Skirt

For Work: The graphic halter is high-cut and nipped away from the shoulders to really elongate the torso and draw the eye upwards. The textured skirt is a really neat way to mix patterns, and the strong structure of the A-line would be very flattering on multiple body types. I’m also pretty in love with the detailing on those peep toes!

For Play: Simply switch out the A-line skirt for a high-waisted black pencil skirt and you’re more than ready for cocktail hour.

Look 3- Sleeveless Cardigan over Knit Dress

For Work: While the sleeved knit dress would be appropriate for work on it’s own (okay, maybe if it were a little longer,) the contrasting sleeveless cardigan and thin belt add a whole new element of chic. It’s great that the cardigan is contrasting, but also has an element from the dress underneath (in this case color, but pattern would be a neat option too) to tie the pieces together. Can I also just add that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the scrunched knee-socks with menswear-inspired heels?? This is a trend I can’t wait to try out for myself.

For Play: This outfit would be great as-is for a nice dinner. To really take it to the next level, add some killer earrings and swap the shoes and socks for some sassy wedges.

What do you think about Target’s latest Go International line? Who do you think should be their next designer?



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