My Little LA Get-A-Way

19 Oct

As many of you know, this past weekend my boyfriend and I made a short trip to Los Angeles to visit his family for his mom’s birthday. The trip, though sadly only 2.5 days long, was absolutely fantastic and exactly what I needed to get through the rest of this academically difficult semester. Although the weather was basically terrible, we still had a great time enjoying friends, family, and fabulous food. Unfortunately since the weather was a bit nasty I didn’t take too many pictures (also my digital camera is broken so that’s another reason) but I did snap a few with my smart phone. Here’s a little run down of my perfect mini-vacation.

We arrived Friday morning and had lunch at a delicious panini shop in Beverly Hills. Both my boyfriend and I were extremely exhausted from the week and just wanted to relax at the house for a bit so we spent the afternoon hanging out. For his mom’s birthday dinner we ate at Porta Via and I had the most flavorful and lean lamb dish I think I’ve ever had in my life. For dessert we all shared a delicious chocolate souffle (a la mode, duh!). Later at night the BF and I journeyed to Koreatown for some authentic boba tea which we had both been missing and craving.

On Saturday we slept in and made an afternoon out of walking around Venice Beach. The rainy weather didn’t stop us from the enjoying the unique people-watching and marveling at some of the neat hand-made crafts and other art. Saturday afternoon/evening we planted ourselves in my boyfriend’s living room with his family to enjoy several straight hours of college football. Being originally from Texas, I was glad we beat Nebraska, and glad that my University too brought home a big win! Hopefully we’ll make it to a bowl game again. After our games ended, we went out to an authentic Indian restaurant on Melrose. We shared naan, tandoori chicken, coconut chicken curry, a saffron rice dish, something wonderful with eggplant, and a spinach and lamb….thing. Overall the food was great and the people working there were so nice- they even brought us all free orders of lentil soup as an appetizer! Afterwards we met up with some of my boyfriend’s friends from high school and we all went to Pinkberry, my personal all-time favorite. I don’t care how many fro-yo stores pop up in LA, none of them can quite replicate the exact tart flavor of original Pinkberry which I love.

Sunday we woke up early to meet the extended fam at Il Fornaio for an early brunch. We spent the afternoon walking around the Beverly Hills Art Fair, which was something I had never been to and I loved it! The weather was drizzly so it wasn’t too crowded, and I was able to spend a lot of time admiring works of art by artists from around the country of all different mediums and types. It amazes me how talented some people are, I wish I were artistic! There was also a great little food area where I treated myself to some wonderful nutella and strawberry crepes- made fresh of course. After spending a bit of time in the UCLA area, we had to run off to the airport to catch a plane back. Stupid school. I truly wish we could’ve stayed longer, even with the bad weather and all. Oh well. Next time.



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  1. Christine October 26, 2010 at 4:30 pm #

    I love Venice. I go there all the time. Check out my pictures about Venice.


  1. My Little LA Get-A-Way | International Travel Experience - October 19, 2010

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