Daring Trends: Leather Shorts

25 Oct

So, I’ve taken a hint from my last post, and I’m willing to try something trendy. As long as I can safely do so on a budget.

Who wears short shorts? *raises hand* Me me me!! Okay, so, even though we are officially swinging into fall, I’m still thinking about shorts. Specifically, trends in shorts. A few seasons ago, I was obsessed with the tweed and pinstripes of the menswear-inspired pieces hitting shelves. Last season, it was the high-waisted variety being stocked in my favorite store. This year, shorts are going all-out 80s style. I was first made aware of the upcoming leather shorts trends by fellow blogger Emily, from Cupcakes and Cashmere,here. However, while I very much admire this blog which I read on the daily, I could never imagine spending that amount of money on a pair of shorts. Not to mention, I sometimes have ethical reservations about purchasing leather pieces anyway. This post presented a cheaper alternative, but required a little more time and effort than I was willing to put in to owning a pair of leather shorts.

Enter: My random errand trip to the mall earlier this morning. While diligently sticking to my errands list, I fell to temptation and became distracted by all the shiny objects in the window display at Forever 21. It was calling me- I had to go in. While perusing the racks and avoiding cheap graphic tees, I spied them: The absolute perfect pair of black (pleather) shorts. They even have angled zippers for pockets! What’s even better? The $17.80 price tag. Perfection. After trying them on I ended up not buying them after all since my dressing room trip resulted in the discovery that I am unfortunately in-between sizes, but I continue to lust after them hours after leaving the store. The hunt continues.

I would pair these fabulous shorts with black tights, ballet flats, and a vintage tee or jewel-tone boyfriend sweater.

Would you ever wear leather (or pleather) shorts? What daring trend do you plan on trying this fall?



One Response to “Daring Trends: Leather Shorts”

  1. Kristin October 31, 2010 at 9:18 am #

    This is definitely one of my favorite fall/winter looks. Leather shorts over tights…so hot!

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