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D-I-Y: No-Sew Fleece Throw

29 Nov

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Happy Thanksgiving!

25 Nov

I apologize for this post so late in the holiday… I promised myself I was going to take the day off from posting but I just saw this adorable image over at the Free People blog and had to pass it on.

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On My Way….

23 Nov

As I write this post, I am sitting in the Southwest Airlines terminal at LAX watching my plane’s departure status get delayed for a third time this afternoon. Oy. Thank the lord there’s a Pinkberry in this terminal and a twitter app on my phone or I don’t know what in the world I’d be doing with my time. I haven’t been home since July and I can’t wait to see my parents and celebrate Thanksgiving with some great food and a few football games as big as Texas!

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Oprah’s List for Less

22 Nov

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Health Update

19 Nov

After several days worth of much needed antibiotics, I’m feeling as good as new! As soon as I tackle the large stack of homework in front of me I can’t wait to get back to this blog… I’ve thought of some great things to write about over the next few weeks. To celebrate my feeling better, my boyfriend, many other friends and sorority sisters, and I sojourned downtown to go to a Steve Aoki concert. For those of you unfamiliar, he is an electronic/house d.j./remix artist and also owns his own record label. I had never been to a concert like this before (my boyfriend is the real afficianado…) and boy was it crazy. I think I danced for about 5 hours straight at least. I’ve spent the entire day recuperating and am laying in bed watching Oprah’s Favorite Things episode in order to regain my energy for a fun girl’s night out.

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Sick as a dog…

16 Nov

The reason I haven’t posted lately is that I am severely under the weather. My ears are stopped up, my nose is literally dripping like a leaky faucet, and my face and head just feel so congested and stuffy. Everyone told me that moving to the desert would solve the intense allergy/sinus problems I’ve had since I was little…. but guess what- all those people were big fat liars!! I never thought the allergies here could be worse than Austin but boy was I wrong. I’m literally running on a diet of cough drops and sudafed, so sorry lovelies but you may have to wait a few days for a post with real content.

Until then, I thought the sweet puppy would be a nice cheery pick-me-up for a less-than-cheery mood. And I especially love that this puppy is all ready to celebrate Thanksgiving!


Water Water Everywhere

11 Nov

My boyfriend and I are in the early stages of planning a weekend trip to the Grand Canyon sometime soon. He’s been before, but I haven’t, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to see. He’s much more outdoorsy than I am, so I even promised that if he would go with me, I would go on one of the hikes with him- without complaining.

Since we began to plan this trip, I’ve been thinking about all the cute hiking and camping accessories I might need to purchase. Recently, I’ve been reading a lot about all the waste generated from disposable plastic water bottles and how some reusable water bottles may even leach harmful chemicals into the water inside. In the spirit of being green and conserving resources and all that business, here are a few of the water bottles I’m considering purchasing for our little adventure. My one requirement: something cute that doesn’t scream “I’m trying to hop on the ‘green’ bandwagon.”

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Falling for Flats

8 Nov

I know that technically we are officially well into the winter season, but with these 90 degree days a regular occurrence, I’m still trying to figure out when it’s going to be fall! Even though I’m anxiousy anticipating pulling out my winter-y riding boots, I’m thinking I need something a bit lighter as a first step to transitioning out of my flip flops. While I was doing unnecessary damage at the mall yet again this weekend, (I know I know I need to stop!) I spied some extremely fabulous flats at Old Navy. Not only are they cute, but oh-so-affordable…. Double win! Here are my top picks!

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Words of Inspiration from Elizabeth Taylor

5 Nov

Well, I’ve officially dropped the ball on the blog. I’ve been trying to post every 3 days, but yesterday, I failed. Life is just busy- school is going about a bajillion miles a minute and I feel like I’m barely catching my breath. I really am in total awe of these bloggers with perfect dainty lives who never ever burn gourmet cookies, which always seem to have more ingredients and steps than the 5-floor trek to my creative writing class. I can’t even make an edible batch of those break-n-bake ones. Oy.

Anyway, excuses aside, I’m going to try as hard as possible to keep up with this thing. It’s only been two months, after all. So, here’s something short but sweet to tide you over for the weekend. I promise I’ll be back next week with something more substitive. I hope you all have a lovely and relaxing few days of rest- I know I’m looking forward to it!


“I fell off my pink cloud with a thud” – Elizabeth Taylor

I love this quote because it reminds me that everything can’t always go the way you want it to. As much as I wish everything in life would be perfect and completely hunky-dory, things don’t always go as planned. But, we learn from our mistakes, grow, and work our way back up to that pink cloud. I guess it’s time to start climbing!

P.S. Beauty-wise, I’m loving her thick but glamorous eyebrows in this photo.



D-I-Y: Embellished Picture Frames

1 Nov

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