D-I-Y: Embellished Picture Frames

1 Nov

Well I hope everyone had a “spooktacular” Halloween weekend! This is my first year living in a house of my own and it was so fun to get little trick-or-treaters at the door. I did my share of going out and celebrating the ghoulish holiday this weekend, but last night I had to stay in and study for a big exam coming up in the morning. At least I had Beetlejuice on in the background to keep me in the spirit of things! Now onto more pressing matters….

As I mentioned here, I’ve been doing an abnormally large amount of crafting lately. I’d like to devote this post to sharing just a few very simple ways to embellish simple, store bought picture frames. These make really cute (and cheap!) gifts, require very little prep time or design skill, and really liven up a room compared to your boring old plain frames! Sorry in advance that these aren’t the most professional looking creations- I’m still learning. I made a total of three very different frames, each using materials purchased from Michael’s. I even saved almost 40% by using coupons! (Although for comparison I have included the original full retail price of materials.) Click on each photo to see it full-sized in a new window.

Frame One
I purchased an unfinished 4″x6″ wooden pine frame ($2.99), a small package of rhinestone hearts ($3.99), a packing of silver/rhinestone stickers ($3.99), a bottle of Elmer’s glue ($1.19), and used a bottle of glitter mod podge left over from another craft and my leftover pink paint and brushes from
this project
. Total cost before coupons: around $12. But I got 40% off :) I began by painting the frame all over with pink paint. After letting it dry, I went over it with a second coat. After the paint dried, I went over it with one coat of glitter shalack for extra shine and a less matte look. Next, I arranged my stickers on the top and bottom. Lastly, I glued heart rhinestones at random all over the frame. All done! Total time: just less than an hour.

Frame Two
I bought a 4″x6″ black wooden frame (already on sale for $2.49), and a package of rhinestone letter stickers ($4.99). Total cost before coupons: about $7.50. This project was by far the easiest, I literally just stuck the stickers on the frame! The only remotely difficult part was lining up the letters to make sure they looked straight. I think this one in particular would look especially cute among a collection of different sized black frames. You could use words like “friends,” “family,” “love,” or a phrase like “forever young or “happy graduation.” Total time: 15 minutes.

Frame Three
I selected a very non-traditional 4″x6″ clear plastic frame with a pink polka-dot border (already on sale for $2.99), and a package of large silver alphabet stickers ($4.99). Total cost before discount: around $8. Again, all I really had to do for this one was select my words and line up the letters. The result of the polka dots and intense glitter letters makes this frame especially fun and silly- definitely a great idea to liven up a less serious space! I think “friends forever” or “precious memories” would work especially well in this style. Total time: 15 minutes.

These embellishments were so simple and easy, I hesitate to even privilege myself with the title of crafter for these frames! Especially considering I received a 40% discount, these barely cost a thing. Not to mention, the price per frame would be even cheaper if you were making multiple for something like holiday gifts. I have leftover stickers which I already plan on using for a special project I have in mind for sometime in the future. Stay tuned for an even better D-I-Y project to come- I promise the next one will turn out a bit better!



3 Responses to “D-I-Y: Embellished Picture Frames”

  1. Kristin November 3, 2010 at 3:13 pm #

    Awwwwwww, how sweet are those??

  2. Alicia November 4, 2010 at 9:05 pm #

    Very cute picture frames – I embellished a few frames back in high-school that are still hanging in my bedroom at home (at my parents house).


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