Health Update

19 Nov

After several days worth of much needed antibiotics, I’m feeling as good as new! As soon as I tackle the large stack of homework in front of me I can’t wait to get back to this blog… I’ve thought of some great things to write about over the next few weeks. To celebrate my feeling better, my boyfriend, many other friends and sorority sisters, and I sojourned downtown to go to a Steve Aoki concert. For those of you unfamiliar, he is an electronic/house d.j./remix artist and also owns his own record label. I had never been to a concert like this before (my boyfriend is the real afficianado…) and boy was it crazy. I think I danced for about 5 hours straight at least. I’ve spent the entire day recuperating and am laying in bed watching Oprah’s Favorite Things episode in order to regain my energy for a fun girl’s night out.

To add to the fun festivities, I happened to be wearing a hot pink tutu. I know that sounds crazy. But seriously- girls go all out insane for these all night dance parties. Trust me, I was one of the most tamely dressed ones there! I’ll consider posting a picture next week. Until then, have a wonderful weekend!


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