Happy Hannukah!

1 Dec

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday… For many it’s just a normal Wednesday, but at sundown tonight it’s also the first night of Hannukah! So a very very happy Hannukah to all my fellow latke-eating peeps out there. I’m a bit sad I don’t get to celebrate the holiday with my family since college semesters rarely plan around Jewish holidays, but I did do a little bit of decorating last night to get my roommates and me in the holiday spirit.

While my mom offered tablecloths, paper goods, and countless other Hannukah decorations, I decided a simple dining room table covered with gelt and dreidels would be sufficient. Our menorah is the centerpiece, of course.

I absolutely cannot wait to exchange gifts with all my girlfriends- I feel like I truly found the perfect thing for everyone this year! I can’t tell you what I’m gifting in advance (because they read this blog and that would give it away) but luckily for you all I will be able to share my gift ideas before Christmas, after my friends have opened their presents.

Happy holidays to everyone!



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