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Spring Dreams

31 Jan

I have one question: what are you doing for spring break?

Today I was enjoying the 70 degree weather as I walked from my car to my 9am class. When it ended at 11, I was not enjoying the long trek across campus in a freezing rain and hail. In flip flops. And no umbrella or jacket to speak of. Not fun as you can imagine… Unfortunately the forecast is threatening to be the same for most of the week and all I can do is dream of spring break and somewhere warm!

For spring break I’m lucky enough to be attending the 1st ever Texas Style Council Conference in Austin during SXSW! I’m still super new at blogging and I’m really excited to hear from seasoned veterans and take my blog to the next level. As if a whole weekend of learning about fashion blogging weren’t enough, the weekend after I hope to make it to a few StyleX (Pronounced: Style By, just like SXSW means South by Southwest) events. StyleX is a “showcase of emerging fashion from around the world” and I can’t wait to learn about cool new designers and future industry trends.

In between these two weekends I will be wandering around downtown Austin attending film premieres and listening to some awesome bands who will be in town for SXSW Music and Film Festival. It’s going to be a blast and I feel so lucky to be from the coolest city on the planet. Here are a few more photos of Austin to tide both you and me (but mostly me, as a distraction from the psuedo-Arizona blizzard outside) over until I get home in about 6 weeks :) Continue reading

Eight Places I’d Like To See Before I Die

28 Jan

Today I’m going to try something new. New for me, at least. Several of the blogs I read daily often post cute little lists of small things on their minds. I first saw this over at The Lil Bee, and later saw it adopted by Cupcakes and Cashmere. I often find short little ideas running through my head- too short to make a whole post out of but still something that would be nice to share. I’ve selected to share 8 because… well…. for no logical reason it’s always been my lucky number and, hey, it’s my blog so I can do whatever I want right? So here goes nothing. I’m going to share eight places I’d like to visit in my lifetime.

1. The pyramids in Egypt. I was lucky enough to get to travel to Israel this past summer and I can’t wait to explore the rest of the Middle East.

2. Versailles outside of Paris. I loved European History in high school and was always fascinated by the French Revolution. And, I played Marie Antionette in a play at Northwestern a few summers ago.

3. Greece, I’ve been obsessed since The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies made the beaches looks phenomenal.

4. The Colosseum, and Rome in general.

5. Venice. And basically all of Italy since I’m obsessed with gelato, pasta, margherita pizza, and insalata caprese. I think I would gain about 500 lbs there, and it would all be worth it. And I just really want to ride on a gondola, one outside of Las Vegas, that is.

6. Santa Fe, NM. I’ve heard there’s tons of really neat art things around, and I’ve also been told amazing things about the outdoor opera house. I’m dying to see a performance there.

7. Want to know a secret? I’ve never been skiing before. Ever. In fact, I’ve only seen snow less than 5 times in my life! I would love to spend a winter or spring break in a ski lodge in Jackson Hole, Park City, or Aspen, sipping hot chocolate and wearing the coziest sweaters. Continue reading

Back To School Cool: Stylish Tech Accessories

26 Jan

This one’s going to be brief y’all, the semester is officially in full swing! Here are some cute little tech accessories I’ve both noticed and envied around the library so far this year. It’s hard to stay focused with so much work to do, but these items make work seem more like play!

cell phone covers


Tory Burch- $75, Marc Jacobs- $28. Both from Nordstroms. “City” Cover- $2.99, from fredflare. Continue reading

Kicking It Into Gear

23 Jan

Way back a few months ago when Oprah ran her favorite things episode, she highlighted a few gym items that she loved. Here are some of my new gym favorites inspired by a few of her picks.

Oprah's List athletic

From left to right: Vera Bradley small duffel, $69, Lulu Lemon athletic pants, $98, Nike Free Run shoes, $85, Champion sneakers by Payless, $35, American Apparel yoga pants, $35, American Apparel gym bag, $32.

Since writing my new year’s goals check-in post the other day, I’ve been hard at work on another resolution- getting into shape! Now let me preface this by saying I’m not trying to lose any weight. I’m a size zero. Maybe a two. And that’s thin enough…. but that doesn’t mean I can neglect my physical health. In high school I was relatively athletic, because regardless of what some people think cheerleading is actually pretty demanding. But since moving on to college I’m so exhausted after class and other activities that it seems like such a nuisance to drag my butt to the gym.
Continue reading

Just a Little Check-In

19 Jan

Blip. Blip. Blip. Blip. Yes the airwaves are still alive out here! Forgive the empty static but with the 4 day weekend from school coupled with the beginning of classes, I’ve been pretty busy. Now that we are 3 weeks into the new year, I think it’s about time for the first check-in to see how I’m doing with the resolutions, and also let you know what’s going on in my life with the new semester in full swing!

Goal 1. I have not made it to the Rec Center yet. In fact, today I had some minor (albeit kind of painful) dental surgery, so that’s going to put me off of physical activity for the next few days. However, that event has put my #2 well on track…

Goal 2. I have been eating lots of desserts! A half gallon of Blue Bell homemade vanilla, the chocolate motherload cake from Claim Jumper, blended root beer floats from Sonic, cookie dough straight out of the plastic tub, birthday cake at the sorority house…. If it’s sugary and in front of me, I’m eating it. (Coincidentally these are all soft foods which + dental surgery = perfection.)

Goal 3. Over the long weekend I did experiment with some cooking! I made some sort of portobello rissoto. It was… passable. No one else wanted to try it but I ate a whole bowl full. My boyfriend and I also made dinner together, he contributed seared ahi tuna (my favorite, and his house has a very nice grill in the backyard) and I contributed roasted herbed red potatoes with onions and fresh fruit for dessert. I wasn’t happy with the potatoes but my boyfriend liked them or at least pretended to. Continue reading

D-I-Y: Personalized Cork Bulletin and Dry-Erase Board

16 Jan

As I posted about the other day, one of my Goals for 2011 is to buy less stuff, and make more handmade gifts. Here’s a cute d-i-y project that I made for my 3 best girl friends for holiday gifts. I initially was going to make just cork boards, but when I saw these combo boards at Joann’s for just $6, I knew I had to come up with something to fit those instead! Read on for simple directions of how to make your very own personalized combo board! Continue reading

Goals for 2011: A Visual

13 Jan

This week I flew to LA to spend a day with my boyfriend and his family, and then he and I drove out to school for the start of classes. As I figure out which ones I want to keep and which to drop (I’m thinking those 9ams are going to have to go…) I also, albeit belatedly, have been thinking about what else I want to try in 2011. I guess you could say these are “resolutions,” but I prefer to think of them as goals? Anyway, I decided that looking at pictures is just so much for fun and visceral than reading lengthy rants, so here’s a little collage featuring my new year’s resolutions. I’ll be checking in on them periodically here on my blog so you can follow how well I’m doing :) Also, if I write them down and display them publicly maybe that will motivate me to stay on top of everything!

New Years Resolutions

1. Actually make it to the Rec Center this semester. Seriously, my university has one of the newest, nicest gyms in the nation and I’ve never even set foot in the thing. Whoopsies. I’m going to pay for a cardio and a yoga class up front so I’ll feel guilty about wasting money if I don’t go.

2. Order dessert more often. This goes hand in hand with the working out resolution.

3. Continue learning how to cook. (Moving out of dorms + brand new townhouse = beautiful kitchen… and I don’t think my roommates realize anything exists in that part of the house other than the refrigerator, so, it’s all mine.)

4. Splurge on something luxurious I’ve always wanted, I’ll enjoy it more now than I would waiting until later. Some contenders: Tory Burch ballet flats, a Longchamp totebag, and Tiffany’s pearl earrings. Also shown, Chanel handbag, but that’s in the “yeah, in your dreams” category. Continue reading

My Last Weekend in Austin

10 Jan

This past weekend was my last in Austin. As you read this, I’m headed to the airport to fly to LAX to see the boyfriend and his family for a day, and then he and I are driving back to school together. I spent my last few days at home seeing as many old friends as possible and doing as many Austin-y things as I could fit in. On Thursday night, my best friend Cassie and I went to First Thursday on South Congress, an area of town which features special vendors, food, and late night shopping on the first Thursday of every month.

One cool and unique aspect of South Congress is a little field full of trailer food vendors of every variety. I don’t know if your cities have hopped on to the trailer food craze, but Austin has been taken by storm! After walking through some of the craft vendors and some clothing boutiques, my best friend and I decided to stop at a stall to get feather extensions put in our hair!

I like them so much I’m even going to get a few more put in! After this spur of the moment fashion impulse decision, we headed down the street to Jo’s Coffee for some snacks.

I had a fantastic chocolate chip cookie and a nice warm hot cocoa (with whipped cream of course!) I also spotted this little flyer on the board there and had to snap a photo:

Notices like this are extremely typical of South Austin, I love the eclectic nature of the area and the wonderful, laid back nature of the people who live there. I managed to make it down to that neighborhood about 3 different times this break, including a few days later to have lunch with my friend Dan at the Torchy’s Taco Trailer. Continue reading

Movie Review: Black Swan

8 Jan

Um. Wow. Can I just say… wow. (What, that’s not enough? You want more detail? Ok I guess…)

Continue reading

New Year’s Recap

5 Jan

Apologies for the lateness on this topic but I was waiting for one of my girlfriends to return from a trip so I could borrow some of her photos! Here is a little recap of how I spent my final days of 2010 :). Last Wednesday, I made a day trip to San Antonio to watch my Arizona wildcats take on Okalahoma State in the Alamo Bowl. Although we unfortunately didn’t win, I had a blast tailgating and cheering my team on with one of my sorority sisters!

Leanna and I about to head to the Alamo Dome for the bowl game. Continue reading

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