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My Top Eight… Favorite Places I’ve Been

25 Feb

As you may have noticed from my last few posts, I have travel on the brain. Without further ado, here are the first half of my top 8 favorite places I’ve been and some favorite photos from those trips. (In no particular order.)

1. Paradise Island/The Bahamas. This past summer, my parents, best friend, and I stayed at the Riu on Paradise Island, right next door to Atlantis. We spent a fabulous week hanging out by the beach, visiting the water park (and PURE night club) at Atlantis, and snorkeling.

2. Chicago. I’ve been here several times now for various reasons, but the most time I’ve ever spent was a few summers ago when I lived at Northwestern University in Evanston for a summer theatre program. The city is fun and has some great performance art going on… although living by the lake in the summer still made for quite a chilly July!

Navy Pier at night, from the top of the giant Ferris Wheel.

The female half of my cast, the show we performed was a stage interpretation of Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette movie.

The lake outside of my Northwestern dorm at sunrise.

3. St. Maarten (The Dutch side.) By far my favorite Virgin Island, I’ve now been there twice and the beach never fails to satisfy. My cousins and I love lounging on the soft sand, and walking down the row of shops and restaurants mere feet away from the waves. The water taxi there is also a fun ride.

These things are everywhere in the Caribbean. I think they’re pretty creepy.

My cousins and I on the water taxi.

4. Israel. I can barely describe the 2 weeks I spent there last summer in just a few sentences, so there might be more on this later. But essentially, Jerusalem has amazing history, Tel Aviv has amazing beaches and night life, Northern Israel is basically a giant green orchard, and the Dead Sea was super fun :)

The old city of Jerusalem including the Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Tel Aviv- The beaches, business, and night life of Israel.

The Negev Desert… not a whole lot to look at, but there are camels. Continue reading

Rocker Chic

21 Feb

Trend I’m currently loving: Short, glitzy cocktail dresses with edgy leather jackets. Ever since I noticed this trend in I’ve been mildly obsessed. Perhaps this is due to my convenient stash of cocktail dresses and my one go-to Diane Von Furstenberg leather jacket that I got on ubersale about 2 seasons ago. Not only is a motorcycle jacket a great way to put a new, rocker twist on a sweet, feminine piece, but I love that it will actually be able to keep me warm at parties without taking away from my outfit. Only too often do I feel like a bulky jacket or sweater is ruining my look. Here are some celebs sporting the look that I’m using as inspiration:

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Words of Wisdom From…

19 Feb

“Any man can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a dad.” -Unknown.

Me and my dad before my Senior Prom, May 2009

My dad is in town visiting for 4 days for my sorority’s father’s weekend and we are out exploring Tucson, thus the lack of posting recently. But I can’t wait to sit down for a few minutes and show you some pictures and tell you all about our adventures very soon!



Love Is In The Air

15 Feb

B and I don’t like to exchange gifts for Valentine’s Day, instead opting to spend our money on going out to eat. He and I have a tradition of making each other original cards, using only printer paper and a pen. He and I both procrastinated this year and I may cheat and use a red sharpie. Before you get mad at me he cheated first by buying me roses. Below is an unfortunately low-quality twitpic of the bouquet (and his dog Wrigley.)

Let’s play catch up on my last 5 days shall we? I spent 3 wonderful days in Irvine, CA, with girl friends exploring the beautiful city and eating amazing food. (You lucky SoCal girls with access to Boudin’s sandwiches all the time I’m officially JEALOUS.) Unfortunately I don’t have pictures. I know, I suck. I came home yesterday and due to wonderful flight delays only spent 8 hours in airports and on airplanes (when total flight time should have been 1:15.) My wonderful boyfriend was kind enough to drive out to the airport around 11 Sunday night to rescue me from a tiring day. Continue reading

Irvine and Adrian Grenier (!!!)

10 Feb

The most amazing thing just happened to me. I was walking into the film building to work on a really annoying project I’ve been putting off all week. Right as the elevator door opened for me to get off, Adrian Grenier walked in. Yep. Actor Adrian Grenier. From Entourage. And The Devil Wears Prada. Can I just say….. OMG WTF I WAS IN AN ELEVATOR WITH ADRIAN GRENIER AND I DIDN’T SAY A WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I froze. He was singing. He’s beautiful. I”m literally KICKING myself for not saying hi. We made direct eye contact. Really, he has the most captivating eyes.

So why is he here in Tucson you may ask? Well, he recently produced a documentary called Teenage Paparazzo and he’s on campus to screen it tonight and do a guest lecture and Q + A sesh. I have tickets for me and my boyfriend and I’m really excited! ¬†Alright so that was my 30 seconds of fame. Or, being next to fame. Sigh.

Aside from that little splurt of excitement, things have been going well aside from massive amounts of homework. Last night my girls and I went out for a fabulous sushi din where we splurged and ordered a huge sashimi combo boat, a caterpillar roll, rainow roll, and tempura. I meant to take pictures but… Sushi doesn’t last so long when placed on a table in front of my friends :)

After the documentary screening tonight I will be madly packing to go to Irvine tomorrow morning. Here’s what I’m thinking of wearing on the plane:

irvine trip outfit

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Initials are “It”

8 Feb

I am currently drowning under a sea of papers, tests, and generally unpleasant homework. The rush factor has been amped up as I found out last night I will be taking a spur of the moment trip to Irvine, CA, this weekend to enjoy a little r & r with my best girls. I’m so excited and can’t wait for a weekend a way… but I need to do homework first. Boo :( . Here are a few random internet findings I’m ogling. I’ve always loved initials and monograms. These are adorbs!

Gold stackable initial ring, $250 from

A vintage looking typewriter initial watch from Urban Outfitters, only $28.

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Stripe Me

3 Feb

Today’s post is short and sweet as I want to start/finish this big paper before the weekend! (Wish me luck…) This morning when I woke up it was 19 degrees outside. My alarm hadn’t gone off yet, but I was awoken to the sound of multiple roommates cursing the fact that our pipes were frozen and they would be unable to shower before class. And then the smoke detector starting going off. And then I really needed to leave and go to class. Only fittingly, as soon as I got there the girl sitting next to me proceeded to announce to the whole class that she had whooping cough and the doctor told her she’s been contagious for the last 2 weeks. Um, thanks. Let’s just say today has basically been NO BUENO.

Luckily it’s supposed to be in the 70s again by Monday and I hope the warm weather is here to stay. I was just not meant to be a snow bunny and I already have spring fever. Here’s something I saw online recently that I can’t wait to sport around, the only problem is… how will I ever choose between navy or tan??

Old Navy shirts, $14.50. Perfection. Continue reading

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