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Okay I lied…

29 Apr

Sorry. I need another day off. I promise I will make it up to you all on Monday with fabulous pictures of my boyfriend and me at formal tonight. I’m off making it to hair, makeup, and nail appointments. Also I may or may not have been awake until 5am watching Royal Wedding festivities. Happy weekend!




Ugh. So beautiful. I die.

I’m back… (and off to Israel!)

27 Apr

Finally… my past several days of huddling in the corner of the library are over (and with them, thankfully, my stress migraines are also gone) and now all I have to worry about are a few final projects due next week. I’m still weighing summer internship options, but in the meantime, I’m heading to Israel! I have about a week of school left, followed by 10 days at home in Texas to see the fam, followed by a minimum of 2 weeks in Israel. I was lucky enough to be able to go for 2 weeks last summer too and had a blast. It is one of the most fun, lively places I’ve ever been, and definitely nothing like what you would expect based on images in the news. It has beautiful beaches and the most amazing food. I do need to purchase a few conservative items of dress though, for visiting certain neighborhoods and touring religious sites of many different cultures. Here are some items I’m currently considering adding to my wardrobe for summer in the Middle East:

Certain historical sites require women to cover their collarbones and elbows. This cardigan is light weight enough for stuffing into my day bag and throwing on when necessary. And I love the bright color! Nordstrom BP, on sale for $11.90

I absolutely love the pattern of this skirt and the little pops of yellow. It seems so breezy and easy to pull on over shorts! Old Navy, $29.50

Target shirt

This shirt is both modest and nautical, what a great combo! Even better, it’s only $12.24 from Target.

And for the grand finale… who says you can’t dress conservatively AND honor high fashion? This dress clearly proves otherwise., $65. This would be a huge fashion challenge, and in my opinion a definite must-try.

These are just some ideas I have, I definitely want to invest in pieces that I will be able to re-wear and incorporate into my normal wardrobe after the trip. What are your go-to items for more modest pieces? And tell me about your summer plans, I’m dying to know!!



Summer Plans Part 1

25 Apr

No post again today. 4 finals in the next 18 hours. I will in all likelihood be awake until they begin at 9am. Wish me luck, I need it.

In other news: Part of my summer plans are figured out. I’m most likely going to be spending a few weeks in Israel again this summer, and I couldn’t be more excited! Yay!

Okay back to the grindstone. Toodles.

Snooze Day

22 Apr

No real post today guys. I have 30 pages of original fiction, one semester reflection, one final film project, and a final exam on Monday! Yikes. I didn’t even make it to class today because my phone rang this morning and one of my “summer options” wanted to interview me, the only open time being this very afternoon. But it went really well so hopefully you’ll all be hearing about that soon. Happy weekend!



Calypso for Target Preview!

20 Apr

Oh my gosh y’all, I think I died and went to heaven. Calypso St.Barth’s line for Target comes out on May 1st, and I could not be more excited. I have loved this upscale resort wear brand for a long time, and wish I could purchase almost everything in that store for a year of cruising around the world. *sigh* But these steals from Target are pretty great too. Not only did they create a line of clothes, but also accessories and home items with the most wonderful Morrocan vibe. Here are my favorite pieces from the upcoming collection:

Crisp maxi skirt + breezy dyed tank top + light scarf with tassels.

White canvas wedges

Summery place settings, perfect for dinner on the patio.

Silver Moroccan floor poof…totally useless in my house. But awesome.

What do you think of these pieces? What are you looking forward to scooping up from this collaboration? Also… did Calypso St.Barth used to be called Calypso Christian Celle? Am I wrong/what’s up with that, anyone know? Toodles for now and hope everyone’s having a wonderful Passover, or just a fabulous Wednesday :)



Weekend in Review

18 Apr

This weekend my mom, my aunt, a family friend, and my boyfriend’s mom were in town to catch the opening weekend of the play I’ve been rehearsing for all semester, DOG SEES GOD, by Bert Royal. We actually sold out 3 of our 4 performances this weekend and got amazing reviews! I especially had a great time hanging out and preparing my house for Passover with everyone. So instead of posting something writing intensive, here are a few snapshots from my weekend.

Impromptu (aka non-professional) cast photo

Me and my boyfriend after a show.

My mom and me after a performance.

Flowers given to me after several performances. We only have one vase in the house so I…. improvised. I actually think the different colored glass bottles are really neat looking and I think I want to take the labels off and actually decorate them somehow. Any ideas?

There are more photos on various other people’s cameras so hopefully I’ll be able to share those with you soon, but this gives you a pretty good idea of what my weekend was like. Happy Passover to everyone out there celebrating, wish me luck on 8 days without grains. Or beans. Or anything leaven. Oy, it’s going to be a journey.



Tx SCC Part 4: Blogging Longevity

15 Apr

This is my 4th post in a series of the ins and outs of blogging which I learned about at the Texas Style Council Conference during SXSW Music and Film Festival in March. Check out the others in my archives on the right side bar!

The third panel I attended was about blogging longevity and how to keep up the momentum and the enthusiasm, and was moderated by Grechen from Grechen’s Closet. The panelists consisted of Kyla from Blue Collar Catwalk, Katy from Kansas Couture, and Jennine Jacob from The Coveted and Independent Fashion Bloggers. These women have been blogging successfully for a long time, and had some great advice to share on avoiding blogger burnout and how to continue writing fresh and new posts over long periods of time. Here’s what they had to share!

1. Create a blogging schedule to capitalize on those moments when you feel particularly inspired. Instead of struggling to come up with a new post every single day, write when you feel especially inspired and save those posts to publish later. Or, don’t feel pressure to post every day. My blog uses a very manageable M-W-F posting schedule, and many professional bloggers limit their posts to M-F and take weekends off. It also helps to schedule regular features such as Music Monday, Outfit Tuesday, Recipe Wednesday… etc. Sticking to a plan like this will help you stay organized and diversify your content in a manageable way. I have certain days when I come up with 10 different ideas, and instead of posting them all immediately I save them up and post them over time, already written and ready to go! This saves the day when I have too much school work to come up with something original on the spot. Continue reading

Last Chance for a Special Treat from Lulu*s!

13 Apr

Happy humpday everyone! We’re almost to the weekend! I’m especially excited because my mom and aunt arrive today to catch the opening of the play I’ve been rehearsing all semester. To celebrate, I thought I’d provide y’all with a fantastic opportunity from! Stephanie from Lulu*s has created a special discount code only for readers of my blog, isn’t that wonderful? Valid only until tomorrow at midnight, use the code LOVEALAMODE (it’s case sensitive fyi) to get 15% off your entire purchase. This discount can literally be applied to everything on the site, so have a look around and go crazy! And, when you spend $75 or more there’s free shipping! Awesome deal + free shipping + trendy clothes + budget fashion = LOVE!

In my last post I highlighted a few items on my lust list, and here are several more which perfectly illustrate some of my favorite trends for this season:


Fringe. ($62.05 with code)

Crochet. ($39.10 with discount!)

Maxi. (Only $43.35 after code)

Tie dye. AND one shoulder. AND fringe. (AND only $50.58 until tomorrow night!)

So what do you think of these pieces and these trends? Click on over right now and leave me a comment with what pieces you’d love for your spring wardrobe! Continue reading

A Special Treat from Lulu*s!!

11 Apr

Hello lovely readers, I hope you’re having a wonderful Monday thus far… I have an extra special treat to share with you today which will hopefully start your week on the right foot! Stephanie over at has created a special discount code only for readers of this here blog! Isn’t that sweet of her? From now until midnight on April 14th, use the code LOVEALAMODE (it’s case sensitive fyi) to get 15% off your entire purchase. This discount can literally be applied to everything on the site, so have fun! Plus, right now when you spend $75 or more there’s free shipping! Cute clothes, saving money, free shipping, looking adorbs on a budget— what’s not to love???

Here are some of the gorgeous finds I have my eye on from their store:

This is the perfect versatile maxi; I’d wear this to brunch with my girls or dinner with my guy… and, even better, it’s only $48.45 when you use the discount code!

Ummm… I’m pretty sure my heart skipped a beat when I saw these. Cork + wedge + animal print = the perfect boho summer shoe! And it’s an absolute steal at just $24.65 with the special code.

So what else is great about Well y’all know I wasn’t going to end this post without a little stop in the accessories department. Three words: To. Die. For!

I’m pretty sure I would be way more likely to read my 400+ page non-profit management textbook if I could carry it to school in this chic tote! Use the coupon code and it’s only $31.45.

And last but certainly not least, I definitely want this turquoise cocktail ring to instantly bring a vintage twist to any ensemble. The best part? It’s $8.50 with the coupon.

So can I get a big HOORAH for discounts? Yeah. You know what’s up. So what are you waiting for ?? Hop on over to right now and then leave a comment telling me what catches your eye!

Rachel Continue reading

April at Zara

8 Apr

I had a perfectly delightful and well-thought out post planned for today but I’ve just walked in from rehearsal (it’s after 11 now) and I’ve recently been (accidentally) hit in the face with a door (a very heavy, metal one at that) and I think I’m going to sleep it off. So here are some pretty pictures from the Zara April look book to mull over for the weekend.

Bright sweater + mini skirt + socks = perfection!

Flare jeans + horizontal stripes + neon blazer = A-mazing!

Comfy day dress + strappy heels + over-sized totebag = Fantastical. Continue reading

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