Photo Diary: Northern Israel, Sfat, and Tiberias

13 Jun

As you read this, I’m en route to Los Angeles, finally! After a whirlwind month long adventure in Israel and France, I’m pretty excited to get back to where all the signs are english and to see my parents, of course. Here’s a little taste of some of my time in Israel, a weekend trip to the mystical city of Sfat (birthplace of Kabbalah) and also time enjoying the vibrant nightlife of Tiberias, on the Sea of Galilee.

Me and the boyfriend at the Gush Et'Tzion winery outside of Hebron

The boyfriend and I on a super fun disco boat ride in Tiberias, taking a break from dancing.

Street vendor selling wares in the winding alleys of Sfat (also Szfat or Safed)

A man about to make me a Yemenite street pancake. (I don't know the authentic name for this, sorry.)

Think a caprese salad inside of a fresh non-sweet pancake-ish wrap.


Alright well I’m out of time on my pay by the minute internet machine at Charles De Galle Airport, next time I write I’ll be in LA!



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