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Lust List

27 Jul

This week, I’m hosting a fabulous giveaway for an online shopping spree courtesy of Zestii. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on the original post, here! I’m so excited to share this special giveaway with you all, here are some of the things I would totally buy if I could win the giftcard!

Jack Rogers Hamptons Sandal in gold from, less than $88 when you buy through Zestii!

Deborah Lippmann polish is so popular right now, and metallics are going to be hot for fall! From, less than $15 when you shop through Zestii :)

Tory Burch metallic mini bag, only $252 from when you click through Zestii.

Are you catching the metallic trend going on here? I truly could keep listing products forever, Zestii has so many fabulous partners with wonderful products and great savings! To win the generous giftcard they’ve offered to Love a la mode readers, all you have to do is leave a comment on the original contest post here :) Good luck and happy shopping! Continue reading

Art School Confidential

25 Jul


On Wednesday I admitted to being a self-professed art nerd. There are many forces at work to blame for this wonderful self-truth, such as my mother, my hippie pre-school, the various fine arts majors I’ve acquired in college; but I like to think that there is a much larger entity responsible for my love of weird art… my hometown of Austin, Texas. Here are some random art-y things that I’ve been noticing coming out of Austin recently. If you appreciate urban art and other odd creative ventures, you will probably enjoy these images :)

1. Yarn Bombing. An Austin local, street name Knitta Please, is largely responsible for bringing this international movement stateside. The movement aims to beautify urban and city areas by leaving colorful knit tags around buildings, statues, and other fun things.

2. Play Me I’m Yours. Throughout the summer, you can see Luke Jerram’s decorated pianos around the city. Beautiful in sight and sound! Click here for images and locations of all the pianos around Austin.

3. Two other oldies but goodies that represent classic Austin.

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My first giveaway: an online shopping spree from Zestii!!!

22 Jul

I’m so excited to be able to tell you guys about a great new service, and give away some goodies to you fabulous readers! Zestii is an online service that gives you cash back for shopping online at stores that you already love. They graciously allowed me to try their new service and give away an online shopping spree! How Zestii works:

Zestii – Intro from Zestii on Vimeo.

Step 1: Sign up. It’s super fast and easy, plus you get an automatic $5 credit for your first purchase!

Step 2: Select where you want to shop online. There are 207 stores that currently partner with Zestii, ranging from Target, Barnes & Noble, and Express, to Gap, Bloomingdale’s, LuLu*s, and tons more.

Step 3: Get cash back when you make online purchases by clicking through Zestii. For example, shopping online at Target will get you a credit for 2.5% of your purchase. At, you’ll get 7% back, or 10.5% back from Endless or Piperlime. That’s a lot of savings!

Step 4: After shopping, you’ll receive a credit on your Zestii account. Credits can be redeemed for cash back through paypal, or you can trade them in for fun gift cards from Macy’s, TOMS Shoes, Groupon, Banana Republic, or a trillion other amazing places.

My Experience: To test out the service, I chose to shop at Sephora. I logged in to my Zestii account and clicked through to the Sephora website. I checked out just like normal, and was even able to use my frequent buyer card to get beauty points. Based on the total I spent at Sephora and their percent return rate, I received a Zestii credit of $3.18. I plan to redeem the credit for a gift card to Target!

My Opinion: Zestii was super easy to use, and had lots of brand affiliates that I spend money at regardless. I definitely would use it in the future when I’m planning to purchase things, because why not get free cash back for what I spend? The only negative things I have to say about the site are that it took about 3 days for the credit to appear on my Zestii account, and you can’t redeem your credits for a gift card until you have at least $10 in credits. Also, I’ve heard of several other companies recently, especially Ebates, that essentially provide the same type of service. But since I haven’t used any of the others I can’t say how they truly compare. Overall, the positives and ease of Zestii definitely make it worthwhile!

Oh yeah, the giveaway part!!!: The wonderful people at Zestii have offered a $20 credit (plus the $5 you get for signing up!) to be used for online shopping on any Zestii affiliate website… that’s over 200 stores to choose from! To enter, simply leave a comment telling me about the best deal you’ve ever gotten online :) The giveaway will remain open until midnight EST on Friday, July 29th, and the winner will be selected randomly and announced the following Monday. Please only one entry per person. Good luck and happy shopping!

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Tim Burton at the LACMA

20 Jul

Over the weekend, I went to see the Tim Burton retrospective at the LACMA. I’ve always been a huge fan of his films, and seeing the evolution of his artwork and creativity from high school until today was really neat and rewarding. Besides sketches, storyboards, costumes, and other works, there was an entire room full of black lights devoted to black light sculpture- super cool!! Below are a few of my favorite pieces from the exhibit. I also spent some time wandering through the Picaso’s, Koons’, and Warhol’s, among many others :)

I loved this early sketch so much I bought a lithograph of it from the gift shop for my bedroom!

There was a special room for black light sculptures and artwork, including speakers playing a score by Danny Elfman

One of the opening sculptures

One of the story models from the film "The Corpse Bride"

Aren’t they all fantastic? There are literally over 1000 pieces in the exhibit, so this is just the tip of the iceberg. Have you seen any cool exhibits lately? What are your favorite artists? Are you a Tim Burton fan? Someone please tell me I’m not the only art nerd around the style blogosphere! Continue reading

Monday Happies

18 Jul

Here’s a little visual fashion inspiration to start off the week. Click through to pinterest for original sources.

Sequins and tights from Free People’s early fall look book.

Backstage at Valentino, especially loving the flower hair details (well, and the dresses, duh.)

Tory Burch in oversize sunnies, a khaki trench, black turtleneck, and statement necklace } so sharp and classic.

Yellow tee + white flare jeans = unexpectedly chic.

Sparkle and a very retro silhouette FTW. (for the win, mom.)

What’s inspiring you this week? Continue reading

Max it out (outfit post)

14 Jul

Hello lovies, happy almost friday! Today I’m taking part in Pretty Shiny Sparkly’s Bloggers Do It Better Maxi Skirt Challenge. The cool weather around SoCal has got me longing (just a tad) for fall, so I decided to take my favorite maxi and play up the autumn color tones. It was even chilly enough outside that I needed a sweater for the photo shoot!

J. Crew cardigan, Sugar Lips tank, random off-brand skirt from circa 5th grade, gifted wrap bracelets

This look is so casual and a little boho… I was a bit nervous to go full on maxi at first, fearing I wouldn’t be able to move around as easily as usual, but it was surprisingly comfy! I loved the floaty feminine feeling. Are you a maxi fan? How else would you wear this? Continue reading

Scarf addiction

13 Jul

All that packing for three weeks in Israel and one week in France forced me to do something that was both scary, and vitally necessary– attack my closet. Having to fit all my clothes for different climates for a month into one, 50 lb bag definitely gave me a new outlook on how much stuff, or clothing, one really needs. One thing I debated again and again was whether to toss a scarf into my bag. I had visions of myself in said scarf, sipping lattes by the arc de triomphe, or throwing it over my shoulders to see the Western Wall in Israel. Ultimately I decided that a scarf didn’t quite make the 50 pound cut, but after going through literally an entire drawer devoted to scarves, here are the 4 types of scarves I’ve determined one truly needs in order to have a well-rounded closet. At least, if we’re trying to go the minimalist route here.

1. The light summer scarf. For jazzing up a floaty t-shirt, staying cozy in that chilly office, or generally looking chic.

Product Image CALYPSO St. Barth for Target® Dip Dye Scarf With Tassle - Pink

Calypso for Target

2. The printed scarf. For making a statement. I’m a fan of this animal print one, although floral would be another classic choice.

Francesca's Collection, $18

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Lazy Monday

11 Jul

DJ set at The Key Club (on the Sunset strip)

This weekend was full of resting, relaxing, strawberry margaritas, grilling, and all around laziness. A few friends, my boyfriend, and I went to see another friend perform at The Plush Lounge, a VIP suite underneath The Key Club, on Friday night and it was so much fun! Other than that today is going to be a day of errands and making Harry Potter plans for the weekend. Oh, there was also a Dodgers game involved!  What did you do this weekend? Fill me in!

P.S. Changes are a-comin’ on this blog. BIG. THINGS. I’m super excited to share them with you (although I can’t yet.) But they involve you (readers) and potentially goodies (for you) and it might also involve shopping. Or not. Maybe. (Hint hint…) Get pumped :) Continue reading

Outdoor living inspiration

8 Jul

Lately, I’ve become addicted to Pinterest, a website that allows users to create digital inspiration collages from any image on the web, and follow the images that other people “pin” on to their inspiration boards. With summer in full swing, I’m enjoying evenings on the patio with my boyfriend, some wonderful mixed drinks (more on that later), and the temperate California air. My summer place has a wonderful outdoor area, but when I go back to Tucson in August, my regular place could certainly use some sprucing up in the outdoor department. Here are some beautiful outdoor entertaining spaces I’m looking to for inspiration to change up my backyard patio when school starts again, via pinterest, of course!

Just one of those days

7 Jul

Isn’t it amazing how a relatively good day can turn into a bad one so fast? Before this starts to sound too depressing, be prepared to die laughing by the end of this post. Today was internship mcstrangeville day, and I miraculously didn’t have to visit every salon in Beverly Hills to find a specific hair brush or print maps of airlines. After work I went out to a nice dinner with the bf and his fam and then went for a 3 mile walk (which felt great.) So overall, day was going pretty well… until the dreaded e-mail from the landlord.

Let me preface by saying this landlord is crazypants. No, really. It should actually be KRAZYPANTS, with a capital K. So then I had to spend several hours disputing what we do and don’t owe him absurd amounts of money for, trying to contact roommates who are currently residing in 3 different states, and future 2 roommates which reside in additional other states. Basically, my day turned into a huge stressfest which isn’t even close to resolution.

Okay, I’m done recounting my #FirstWorldProblems and pity party (hey, at least you got an invitation. Welcome to the cool club.) Somehow I have deviated greatly from what the main point of this post was going to be, which was… Oh. Right. Silly youtube videos. Specifically ones by this girl Jenna, who’s freakin’ hilarious. Whenever I’m in a particularly bad mood, here are my go-to vids that always put a smile on my face. Fair warning, language and generally true things you don’t want to hear, that happen to be really funny. There’s tons more on her youtube channel, which I strongly suggest.

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