Just one of those days

7 Jul

Isn’t it amazing how a relatively good day can turn into a bad one so fast? Before this starts to sound too depressing, be prepared to die laughing by the end of this post. Today was internship mcstrangeville day, and I miraculously didn’t have to visit every salon in Beverly Hills to find a specific hair brush or print maps of airlines. After work I went out to a nice dinner with the bf and his fam and then went for a 3 mile walk (which felt great.) So overall, day was going pretty well… until the dreaded e-mail from the landlord.

Let me preface by saying this landlord is crazypants. No, really. It should actually be KRAZYPANTS, with a capital K. So then I had to spend several hours disputing what we do and don’t owe him absurd amounts of money for, trying to contact roommates who are currently residing in 3 different states, and future 2 roommates which reside in additional other states. Basically, my day turned into a huge stressfest which isn’t even close to resolution.

Okay, I’m done recounting my #FirstWorldProblems and pity party (hey, at least you got an invitation. Welcome to the cool club.) Somehow I have deviated greatly from what the main point of this post was going to be, which was… Oh. Right. Silly youtube videos. Specifically ones by this girl Jenna, who’s freakin’ hilarious. Whenever I’m in a particularly bad mood, here are my go-to vids that always put a smile on my face. Fair warning, language and generally true things you don’t want to hear, that happen to be really funny. There’s tons more on her youtube channel, which I strongly suggest.

Hope you enjoyed!


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