Outdoor living inspiration

8 Jul

Lately, I’ve become addicted to Pinterest, a website that allows users to create digital inspiration collages from any image on the web, and follow the images that other people “pin” on to their inspiration boards. With summer in full swing, I’m enjoying evenings on the patio with my boyfriend, some wonderful mixed drinks (more on that later), and the temperate California air. My summer place has a wonderful outdoor area, but when I go back to Tucson in August, my regular place could certainly use some sprucing up in the outdoor department. Here are some beautiful outdoor entertaining spaces I’m looking to for inspiration to change up my backyard patio when school starts again, via pinterest, of course!

Do you utilize your backyard space? How did you do your patio? Any ideas for how I should decorate? I’m all ears!


One Response to “Outdoor living inspiration”

  1. Carrie July 9, 2011 at 1:47 am #

    I’m still trying to figure out my space…it’s certainly a work in progress. Oy.

    The weather’s been amazing lately, right??


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