Scarf addiction

13 Jul

All that packing for three weeks in Israel and one week in France forced me to do something that was both scary, and vitally necessary– attack my closet. Having to fit all my clothes for different climates for a month into one, 50 lb bag definitely gave me a new outlook on how much stuff, or clothing, one really needs. One thing I debated again and again was whether to toss a scarf into my bag. I had visions of myself in said scarf, sipping lattes by the arc de triomphe, or throwing it over my shoulders to see the Western Wall in Israel. Ultimately I decided that a scarf didn’t quite make the 50 pound cut, but after going through literally an entire drawer devoted to scarves, here are the 4 types of scarves I’ve determined one truly needs in order to have a well-rounded closet. At least, if we’re trying to go the minimalist route here.

1. The light summer scarf. For jazzing up a floaty t-shirt, staying cozy in that chilly office, or generally looking chic.

Product Image CALYPSO St. Barth for Target® Dip Dye Scarf With Tassle - Pink

Calypso for Target

2. The printed scarf. For making a statement. I’m a fan of this animal print one, although floral would be another classic choice.

Francesca's Collection, $18

3. The winter scarf. For bundling, snuggling, staying warm. I decided to go to etsy for this one, where I found the most amazing, beautiful pieces! I really should look to Etsy more often, it’s fabulous! Click to go straight to the source.

Etsy scarf, $18

4. The pashmina/wrap/shawl. More of an upper body warmer than just for the neck, this is a full service scarf. (Does anyone else around here get my dry sense of humor? No? ok perfect.) Wrap yourself.

Francesca's, $28

Did I forget anything? What are your favorites? And what do y’all think of the infinity scarf trend?



2 Responses to “Scarf addiction”

  1. soanthro July 13, 2011 at 3:53 pm #

    I’m finding that my pashmina wraps go with EVERYTHING. Thank you $5 NYC street vendors haha!

  2. isje July 22, 2011 at 3:45 pm #

    Oh, I can soooo relate! I’m addicted to scarfs as well. They are just my favourite accessory to any outfit. On that note: I do like infinity scarves! Especially warm, knitted ones in wintertime :)

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