Missoni for Target Preview!

26 Aug

I’m baaaaaaack! And I come baring gifts. Gifts in the form of some juicy press photos of the upcoming Missoni capsule collection for Target! In the 3 weeks I was MIA from the blogosphere, I helped my sorority attain a new pledge class of 92 (!!!!) fabulous, beautiful young women, and also began my first week of Junior year. Classes are shaping up to be especially difficult this semester, but hopefully everything will work out. Without further delay, here’s some eye candy just in time for the weekend :)

I love that maxi skirts are still going to be in for fall!

I am also loving the chic poncho/cape trend, so 70's!

Another trend I noticed throughout the styling is a minidress/shorts/skirt paired with tights and ballet flats. This promises to be a very chic alternative to the leggings + boots staple of autumns past.

For the love of Marc Jacobs! High-waisted knit Missoni shorts?? Not sure I can pull these off, but props to anyone who can make them work, I applaud you.

Neon zigzag ballet flats. Need I say more?

I secretly adore knit stockings and am so glad they will apparently be easier to find this year! I'm excited to give them a try in lieu of leggings, or layer them under skinny jeans when it gets colder.

This cozy throw has major vintage appeal and looks oh-so-soft!

These are just a sampling of my absolute favorites, but the collection also includes boys, girls, and baby, not to mention tons of adorable kitchen, desk, and home goods! The items will be available in Target stores nationwide from September 13th until October 22nd. What’s your favorite piece? Are you a Missoni fan? What do you think of the collection? Fill me in people, I’ve missed y’all!!



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