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15 Sep

As I mentioned, I’m currently home in Austin, Texas, to celebrate my mom’s birthday and play around Zilker Park for Austin City Limits Musical Festival 2011!! In case you’re interested in broadening your musical horizons, here are some artists I’ll be seeing this weekend whom you might enjoy!

(PS, if you’re attending the festival this weekend, you absolutely must must MUST download the official ACL 2011 app for iphone and droid… it has maps, schedules, and even a group texting feature!!)

Technically that video is a remix of an artist I’ll be seeing (Skrillex) but the stop  motion is absolutely incredible…

No official music video was released by Santogold (now Santigold due to an ongoing legal battle) for her best known track, but this is an unofficial, behind the scenes cut of it.

You might recognize this as the main soundtrack to the film Where The Wild Things Are, although I’ve been in love with the song since 2008, and even recently did a 3 minute performance art piece to this song for my Theatre 400 class!

This song is probably old news to most of you, but I heard Coldplay perform this (when it was new) last time they headlined at ACL, and it was phenomenal.

Here’s a great example of a band I discovered because of ACL, and I haven’t stopped loving them since.

What music videos brighten your day? Favorite songs? Isn’t it amazing how music can quickly change your mood? Share your best discoveries!



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