The Missoni for Target Debacle

25 Sep

By now, I’m sure you all have heard the woes of countless fashion bloggers berating Target for how ill-prepared they were for “Missonigeddon.” My daily reads Carrie and Danielle were the first I heard of Target craziness, aside from my best friend Cassie who told me about weathering the crowds the morning-of in Dallas. Additionally, my good friend Jordan (who is also a very talented music blogger, btw) works at the Target store in Austin and told me everything was sold out that morning and the store did record-level business that day. With the Target website crashed for almost 24 hours and store racks empty nationwide, clearly this takes the cake for fashion crisis of the year.

Organizer trays, out of stock (duh)

However, I, being naive apparently, did not experience any of these issues… because silly old me thought I would be able to go to Target the next week, after midterms, and get the pieces I wanted. No need to wake up early. Good one Rachel. After reading this first batch of horror stories, you best believe I hopped in my trusty convertible and booked it to the giant Target, a whopping 2 minutes from my house. My worst fears were realized- shelves had been cleared, nary a lone king-sized comforter stood- as if the fashionistas of southern Arizona had descended on this poor Target with their sharpest talons, hoarding every item in sight for the impending couture apocalypse.

This throw reminds me of an old afghan my aunt used to have from the 60s or 70s that I loved wrapping myself up in when I was little.

Too much? Okay maybe. In all honesty there actually were a few clothing pieces left, granted they were of the XL/XXL variety, and a few assorted home goods were scattered in random places throughout the store… I sought them out like the sharp-eyed scavenger that I am and managed to walk out of Target with a couple of cute folders for back-to-school and a sleep mask. (I collect them/people give me strange ones as joke gifts/it’s my thing don’t ask.) That still leaves me in the market for a pair of stockings, jewelry trays, and possibly the fantastic throw blanket which doesn’t match any room in my house or anything else I own for that matter…. And I do really like the black and white laptop case, even though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the case I already own. Hopefully Target can get their shiznit together and re-stock the website or I will be one very unhappy camper.

Okay, I may have to get this too... but at least this one does actually match my decorating scheme!

Did you get your hands on any Missoni for Target? What was your experience like? What are your favorite pieces from the collection?



4 Responses to “The Missoni for Target Debacle”

  1. soanthro September 25, 2011 at 5:14 pm #

    I was so disappointed I missed out on the cross-stitch flats– they were the one item I had really been lusting over. Once I heard they were all sold out I didn’t even bother making the trip to Target. Next time I do, if there are any home items left then I’ll just know it was meant to be :)

  2. smalltwnfashion September 25, 2011 at 6:07 pm #

    I went during lunch the day the collection came out and *ran* through the store to the shoe section. I was determined to get my feet into the adorable pink and green patterned flats – and I got them! It looked like no one had touched anything, but two weeks later when I went back, almost everything was gone. That says a lot (even though I know it doesn’t sound like it) for my small town Target.

  3. Carrie September 28, 2011 at 4:57 am #

    Rachel thanks so much for the shout out. I’m so glad you were able to get some things you wanted–and without getting scratched or punched. The women who shopped this line give humanity a bad name. I did manage to purchase a Passione Throw from a woman in Minnesota who had purchased the Colore and Passione. She sold it to me for regular price + shipping via the Locked out of Missoni for Target fb page…it’s a bit of a zoo, but perhaps worth a shot? Oy vey. What a wreck!


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