Video Killed The Radio Star*

10 Oct

*Did you know that titles can’t be copyrighted under U.S. copyright laws? Interesting fact I learned in my Producing I class this semester.

But I digress… Speaking of copyright, here are a few truly really awesome videos about copyright, fair use, and how everything we do is influenced by something else. If you have some spare time or happen to be a media nerd like me, I’m sure you’ll definitely enjoy them. If you enjoy classic rock or movies, I promise the videos are worthwhile! Afterward, I strongly encourage you to watch “100 years of fashion” to see how the remixing idea is applied to textile trends. And then I just for fun I also included an artistic video of a disappearing ferris wheel. I guess you could say I’ve been on a video spree recently. Enjoy!







and…. I was also turned on to this little gem recently, a must watch for anyone who’s a procrastinator and fashion lover, so artsy and hilarious!


Happy Monday! Have a great week everyone, I’m off to study some more.



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