Currently loving: leather cuff bracelets

17 Nov

So this is a post I’ve had “in storage” for a while and kind of forgot about, but thing about being in Austin and returning to my old stomping grounds of South Congress made me remember that I hadn’t shared this with y’all yet! Ye olde Cream Vintage on SoCo was purchased by Leighelena a a while back, and in addition to their fabulous vintage, the store now features exclusive pieces from Leighelena’s South Austin jewelry studio. This of course includes her jigsaw cuff bracelets, which have been seen on celebs and in fashion mags ever since the arm candy trend began. The best part about picking one out from the store (as opposed to online) is that the shop staff will help you trade out prints and clasp colors, as well as cut one of the leather bracelets specifically for your wrist size. I picked one out for my birthday when I was here for spring break, and my experience was fantastic!

One of the many display cases of beautiful Leighelena cuff bracelets

The nice sales lady switching out a clasp for me

I have extremely small wrists so they were even willing to cut the leather (scary!!) and trim it down to fit snugly on my arm

Putting the final pieces together

The final product! Picture taken outside of the crepe trailer on SoCo (obvi.)

What do you think of cuff bracelets? You can check out Leighelena’s website for even more of her stuff, be forewarned though… you’re going to want it all.



One Response to “Currently loving: leather cuff bracelets”

  1. Megan November 18, 2011 at 8:35 pm #

    I like these! Very unique, and it looks like there is such a good variety of colors.

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