Sisters and Rivalry

9 Dec

No, not of the sibling variety… more of the football type. A few weeks ago, a couple sorority sisters and I roadtripped it up to ASwho Arizona State in Tempe for the annual Thanksgiving week rivalry game. Our record hasn’t been too hot this season, and we were expecting the worst. But a miracle prevailed and we ended up sending the sundevils back to— well, you know where. It was a fabulous end to the conference season. Even though we aren’t eligible for a bowl game, we went out with a bang. I had a great time tailgating with my sisters, seeing a few alums who now work in Phoenix, exploring Mill Ave, and sampling the best wings Tempe had to offer. Beardown Wildcats :)

Sisters who tailgate together stay together :)

Me and my grandbig (an alum) repping U of A at a tailgate

Sorority family fro-yo run

Me, my grandlittle, and my little... can't you see the family resemblance?





One Response to “Sisters and Rivalry”

  1. Jen December 11, 2011 at 11:47 am #

    Looove rivalry games so much. I will be fine with a bad early season as long as we beat our rivals the last game of the season. :) Looks like yall had fun!

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