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Hey Hey It’s OK!

27 Feb

I think it’s darling when bloggers do these “It’s OK” lists and I’m hoping doing one of my own will relieve some stress! So here goes :)

Hey, it’s okay….

  • that I didn’t have time to do laundry but did clean the kitchen and living room
  • that I took hours out of my night to watch the Oscars red carpet and Academy Awards (I am a film/acting major, after all.)
  • that this weekend’s date dash was a bit rowdy but one of the few times I’ve relaxed all semester
  • that I don’t know any of the rules of hockey but still really enjoyed a tough rivalry ice hockey game with my sisters
  • that this semester I’ve spent a lot more time with my sisters than in the past
  • that even though I have a quiz, a test, and a paper due in the next 3 days I’m more concerned about what clothing I should pack to go to Los Angeles this weekend (!!!)
  • that in 2 weeks I have two huge projects due that have to be done on fancy computer programs that I don’t own, nor understand, and will have to figure out how to use an Apple computer to complete (aka I’m doomed.)
  • that I have a Spanish project due tomorrow and I have no idea how my partners’ pieces of the presentation look (I’m trying to give up micromanaging.)
  • that I need to schedule a bunch of appointments with various administration people to figure out my scholarship situation now that I only have 15 units left until I graduate (um, okay, maybe this one is actually NOT OKAY.)
  • that I skipped my first class of the semester last week to attend an interview and an important meeting
  • that I won’t be able to talk to my sisters for 2 weeks over the summer because I WAS SELECTED TO BE A RECRUITMENT COUNSELOR!!! (A dream of mine since freshman year.)
  • that the oven door completely fell off (again) while I was baking and the thought of e-mailing/having to talk to my landlord gives me anxiety attacks
  • that I still don’t know which sorority won the PIKE philanthropy baking competition this weekend, but 2 of the 6 firefighters told me my white chocolate oreo truffles were there favorite
  • that I haven’t had the time to get a manicure or a car wash this entire semester, but I have been tanning
  • that I haven’t quite gotten the hang of this whole “delegating” thing yet, but I’m trying
  • that the only thing getting me through the week is my 4 day vacation to Los Angeles starting Thursday morning <3
How was your past week? What did you do this weekend? Any exciting plans coming up?

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How to wear mint skinny jeans! (OOTD)

20 Feb

I had the most fabulous weekend hanging out with my mom, shopping, eating, and baking. I am also so thankful that many of my friends and sisters (and mommy!) were able to come see me perform in my play. Here is what I wore to a Sunday morning brunch at my sorority house for all my sisters and our wonderful mothers :)

I may or may not be completely obsessed with these amazing mint-colored skinnies by “Wish” that I found at Nordstrom Rack (for $24!) last weekend. I paired them with a cream BCBG blouse and gold glitter Vince Camuto heels. Plus I threw on some Marc Jacobs sunnies and a Lilly Pultizer cashmere cardy for some attitude. I was a bit tired of the whole sundress thing for brunch. What’s your go to brunch outfit? How do you feel about the colored denim phase? (PS I must divulge that these same exact jeans in “watermelon” red might be on their way to me in the mail at this precise moment…)

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Weekend words of wisdom

18 Feb

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure Pinterest is your go-to site for procrastinating just about everything on your to do list. I love it so much and have gotten some great craft and recipe ideas from it! I also love all of the quotes and inspirational advice. Here are a few bits and pieces I found recently that I will try to keep in mind this weekend. As you read this, my mommy and I are gallavanting out and about all over town. Hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as I am :)

Are you on pinterest? Follow me if you’re so inclined, I’m always looking for new friends!

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Rave on. (Avicii!)

16 Feb

Sorry for the radio silence this semester, I’ve been rehearsing non-stop for a play which opens tonight! Hours and hours of rehearsal are about to pay off as I perform this weekend in The Vagina Monologues! (P.S. I will laugh if you e-mail subscribers find this in your spam box because it contains the word “vagina.”) My mommy flew in from Texas to see me perform (oh, ya know, and sorority mom’s weekend) and I’m so excited to have her for the weekend :) In the meantime, here are a few photos from the Avicii concert that I went to with some sisters a few weeks ago! Warning: neon, sequins, and tutus ahead.

(From L to R) Hannah in sequins, Danielle and Logan in neon, me in a tiara, and Liz... wearing a spirit hood.

Members of my sorority fambam who came to the show being goofy! Hannah, Danielle, Me, Camryn, and Logan

Sisters who rave together stay together <3 We just wanna dance, ya know?

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Best Dressed at the 2012 Grammy Awards!

13 Feb

I literally spent all night on the couch finishing an insane accounting project and listening to the Grammy Awards! The performances this year were unbelievable; I especially loved watching Adele and Jennifer Hudson, but I also have to give Katy Perry major props for her brave performance. Without further adieu, here are some of my favorite outfits of the evening!

Katy Perry in Elie Saab, unique and elegant!

Rihanna in Giorgio Armani. Not a fan of her hair and makeup... but she totally has the bod for that dress

Kate Beckinsale in Zuhair Murad

Taylor Swift in Zuhair Murad... I have to say this was NOT one of my favorite looks of the night, but I feel like Nicole Kidman looked exactly like this from head to toe several years ago?

Did you watch the Grammy’s? What did you think of Nikki’s performance? Who do you think deserves best dressed? Worst?

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I’ll be there y’all! (The Texas Style Council Conference!)

11 Feb

Over spring break, I’ll be headed home to Austin for friends, family, food, and fun and I may or may not have already started counting down! The first weekend I’m home, I’ll be attending (for the second time) the Texas Style Council Conference! It’s a great weekend of blog-related networking, keynote speakers, workshops, and other exciting events. For a full run down, check it out below:

Texas Style Council

Here’s a photo of me and my best friend Cassie  (who’s now a new blogger btw, check her out here) at one of the parties last year, it was a blast!

The rest of my spring break will be spent listening to music at South by Southwest, and attending a few runway shows at Style X Austin. I can’t wait! What are your spring break plans?

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21st Birthday Gift Ideas!

9 Feb

Chances are that no matter how old you are or what stage of life you’re in, you know someone who will soon turn that magical 21. Whether it’s your best friend, niece, cousin, or neighbor, it’s a tricky birthday to find a gift for. Obviously in America, the main significance of this age is the ability to drink, but giving someone a bag full of alcohol isn’t exactly the best option ever (although, hey, if that’s your thing, I won’t judge.) My best friend Kelly recently turned 21 and I struggled with what I wanted to get her that would be fun and practical. Her parents were giving her a trip to Vegas, so I decided that I would put together a little Las Vegas kit for her to enjoy on her birthday vacation!

I specifically wanted to get her fashionable things that she would want to use in Vegas, but wouldn’t be terribly upset if they somehow got lost or broken in the celebration process. I picked out an adorable metallic silver clutch and filled it with a cute leopard print luggage tag, silver and gold nail polish, sparkly rhinestone bracelet and earrings, and I couldn’t resist throwing in a funny flask just for kicks. Overall it was the perfect gift, and easily customizable for different people in your life. I will definitely use this party pack idea again, I had so much fun picking everything out!

What’s your go-to birthday gift? What about for 21? How do you celebrate?

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New dress for formal! (aka, bringing sexy back.)

2 Feb

Hello All! I’m so excited to have been asked to participate in the David’s Bridal Prom Blog Tour. At first, I was a little bit skeptical about being able to find the perfect dress for my upcoming sorority formal at David’s Bridal. I had visions of wedding and bridesmaids dresses in my head- not exactly what I was looking for. However, after looking online in their newly revamped Prom Section I decided to give it a try.

I showed up to the store for my appointment, and the manager and my sales associate were ready and waiting for me. They were extremely friendly and gave me an overview of the selection, as well as took my measurements for a precise fitting. I tried on SO. MANY. DRESSES. All of them were gorgeous and it was tough picking just one. I couldn’t decide on long or short, color or black, but in the end I went with this gorgeous floor-length royal blue backless showstopper. It’s so different from anything else I own and the fabric and beading exhibit extremely quality craftsmanship. One minor problem I ran into was that I was really in between sizes in the women’s department. Luckily, they also had a big selection in juniors and I was able to get a better fit from there.

When I got home, my sorority sisters couldn’t believe that this dress was under $200… a few of them had been looking at very similar dresses at stores like BCBG for around $300-$500. The dress I picked is just as fabulous and won’t break the bank! After my positive experience, I’m definitely a DB convert. Do you have a formal or prom coming up? What type of dress do you plan to wear? Have you ever found something perfect in an unexpected place before? Do share!

P.S. I think we can all agree it’s about time for a spray tan, no?

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