21st Birthday Gift Ideas!

9 Feb

Chances are that no matter how old you are or what stage of life you’re in, you know someone who will soon turn that magical 21. Whether it’s your best friend, niece, cousin, or neighbor, it’s a tricky birthday to find a gift for. Obviously in America, the main significance of this age is the ability to drink, but giving someone a bag full of alcohol isn’t exactly the best option ever (although, hey, if that’s your thing, I won’t judge.) My best friend Kelly recently turned 21 and I struggled with what I wanted to get her that would be fun and practical. Her parents were giving her a trip to Vegas, so I decided that I would put together a little Las Vegas kit for her to enjoy on her birthday vacation!

I specifically wanted to get her fashionable things that she would want to use in Vegas, but wouldn’t be terribly upset if they somehow got lost or broken in the celebration process. I picked out an adorable metallic silver clutch and filled it with a cute leopard print luggage tag, silver and gold nail polish, sparkly rhinestone bracelet and earrings, and I couldn’t resist throwing in a funny flask just for kicks. Overall it was the perfect gift, and easily customizable for different people in your life. I will definitely use this party pack idea again, I had so much fun picking everything out!

What’s your go-to birthday gift? What about for 21? How do you celebrate?




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