TxSC Final Recap: The Panels

23 Mar

Well here it is, my last and final post from this year’s Texas Style Council Conference which I attended in Austin over spring break. It was a fabulous conference and I learned so much from the speakers! Without further ado, here’s a brief recap of the most important ideas I walked away with.

My best friend Cassie and I on the steps of the Blanton Museum of Art before a day of awesome panels!

To start the day off on the right foot, Kendi gave a wonderful keynote address which can be surmised with the takeaway “your purpose is much bigger than your blog” and “your blog is not your life.” These are truly important statements to take to heart as I try to figure out where exactly my blog fits into my life, and how I can grow and evolve it in the coming year.

The main idea we kept hearing was how to keep your blog and personal voice unique and interesting, and also to blog with a larger goal and picture in mind. This was especially relevant to me as I think about looming college graduation and the “real world” beyond. (Theoretically I still shouldn’t be graduating for another year, but I only have 15 hours left until I complete my degree so I’m trying to delay the process.) I was definitely inspired to take my blog to the “next level” over the next few months and you’ll start seeing several significant upgrades and changes ’round here!

Overall I can’t even begin to cover what an inspiration this conference was, and also a great networking opportunity. I am confident that everything I learned will help me improve my writing, content, and the overall experience of Love a la mode. Here’s to changes and exciting things to come!




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