5 Apr

What have I been doing with my week?

  • Recovering from my birthday
  • Nursing myself back to health after the worst bout of strep ever
  • Watching my best friend and sister Courtney win a Scholarship at Greek Awards :)
  • Sitting through 16 cases in Greek Standards Board last night (I love my job but oy was 3.5 hours a long time to sit in that conference room!)
  • Spending all day doing homework to get ready for Papa Bruce arriving tonight for 4 days!
  • Filing a police report since “someone” decided to vandalize our house. (We know who.)
  • Working on 3 papers due tomorrow!
  • Preparing for the Panhellenic Academic Chair Roundtable tonight
  • Coordinating getting my house cleaned! yay!
  • Getting a background check for a potential job
  • Preparing for another job interview!

Busy busy week and I am still not feeling great :( But I’m excited to spend the next 4 days with my dad and start solidifying summer plans for work and travel. Happy week!



One Response to “Rest*”

  1. Leti April 7, 2012 at 2:38 pm #

    Rachel, happy belated birthday!! Hope you had a fabulous time filled with cake. I’ve missed your sweet blog. Im finally back blogging at mine. Come back soon xx

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