Black Diamond Ball

24 Apr

So, initially this post was going to be gorgeous pictures from going out this weekend and of me and my sorority sisters at our year end Formal/Banquet. Well, change of plans. It just so happens my purse got stolen this weekend, resulting in me losing my driver’s license, credit card, debit card, phone, camera, and favorite lip gloss :( (Not to mention the clutch too!) As you can imagine, it’s been an absolute nightmare trying to replace everything and put my life back together! Even more annoying, I’m pretty sure I found a Craigslist ad for my phone… Yeah, the phone I literally purchased like less than 2 weeks ago. I know everything will come together and work out, it’s just a big hassle and a lot of additional stress, especially with finals coming up. So unfortunately I can’t show you any of my photos from formal, but here are two I stole from my grandlittle to tide you over until more people upload things to Facebook:

Me and my grandlittle Logan :)

Grandlittle, Me, Twin, and Grandniece... about half of the sorority fambam :)

In other news, it’s senior week! It’s a really fun/sad week where we do lots of fun activities with the seniors before they graduate, and try to pretend like our bigs aren’t leaving us. It’s sort of a love/hate relationship with the whole graduation thing. I took a bunch of pics with my big Amanda at formal but unfortunately they are on the previously aforementioned stolen camera :( But hopefully she’ll get a few of us this week for me to show you. How was your weekend? What are you guys up to these days? I missed blogging so much!




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