First Weekend in LA :)

5 Jun

Early Friday morning I finished packing up my things in Tucson and drove to L.A. (passing through 118 degree heat to get to 70 degrees. Yes really!) I spent the weekend unpacking and catching up with old friends. Here are some of the wonderful California things I got to experience this weekend :)

On Sunday my cousin Davi (who works for MTV) and I spent the day on the beach in Santa Monica.

Persian food is something I can’t get in Arizona or Texas; Javan is one of my favorite places to get my shiri polo with candied orange peel and almond saffron rice :)

I drove over 500 miles by myself in under 8 hours, pretty good time. I sang outloud to my ipod the entire way to stay awake haha.

My first parallel parking experience in L.A…. in one try!! (This was a big accomplishment for me guys, let’s just say I have parking issues.)

I started my internship at Lifetime today and got my own cubicle, computer, Outlook e-mail, and extension! So official.

My first day at Lifetime was today and it was positively wonderful! But more on that and an outfit post from my first day tomorrow :) How was your weekend? What are must do’s for my summer in LA? Toodles!




I love reading your comments! :)

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