Getting Out of the Parking Garage (and other internship disasters)

13 Jun

I have officially been in Los Angeles for about 10 days now and everything at my internship is amazing! I’m learning so much about television development and getting the opportunity to read and watch a lot of great pilots (and some not so good…) While everything at my job is great, getting adjusted to adult life as a “working girl” has been far from easy. Aside from missing my friends and family and settling into a new apartment with a new roommate, I’ve had to get adjusted to my office building.

Yes, the building. Let me tell you what I mean. Last Monday, all interns were instructed to valet park our cars and we were given validation tickets for the day. On Tuesday morning, we were told to park in the enormous mall-sized garage underneath our building. After driving through various floors and color and number coordinated rows, I finally located a parking space near where I thought I worked. After going up several escalators, nothing in the lobby looked familiar and I realized I somehow had entered the wrong building. (Even after having spent about 20 minutes trying to enter my own building the day before when no one told me I had to proceed to security first to get a guest pass… and being stopped by every security guard in the hall.)

It took me about 20 minutes from there to figure out how to get to where my actual office was. Around lunch time, an HR person gave each of us our garage key cards to get in and out of the gate without paying. Well of course, when I left to go home, my key card didn’t work. I intercommed assistance and they told me that my card was invalid and the only way for me to exit would be to pay the $34 parking fee. After I was tired of being held captive, the nice machine declined my credit card. Eventually I was able to pay my ransom and escape.

The next morning I went to HR, had my fee reimbursed, and my key card reset. Guess what happened when I tried to leave for the day? Trapped again. I literally yelled at the intercom person that they could NOT make me pay the fee again and I think he let me leave just so he didn’t have to hear the sound of my voice anymore. On Thursday, my key card magically started working and has worked ever since :) It’s the small victories, isn’t it?

And I promise I haven’t been going naked to work. Actually, I’ve assembled some great outfits and I promise to figure out my tripod this weekend so you can see them soon! Oh, and remember my credit card that was declined? Well later that night (when it decided to work again) I accidentally left it at a gas station (where premium was $5.20 a gallon, mind you) and someone went on a nice little Bloomingdales/Macy’s spree with my Visa.

To make up for these things I’ve been doing an obsessive amount of baking which I also can’t wait to show you/tell you about soon! Stay tuned as I continue adjusting to life on my own in the big city.




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