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GIVEAWAY: $100+ Monogram Necklace from Nashelle Jewelry Design!!

25 Sep

Hello lovelies, long time no see! Well I have been super busy with school, but today I couldn’t be more excited to announce a MAJOR giveaway from Nashelle Jewelry Design! When Nashelle contacted me, I didn’t know the brand by name, but after browsing the site I absolutely fell in love with the the Lucky Charm Identity necklace and knew that you all would adore it too! Even more exciting, Nashelle recently added Greek letter options to her monogramming and jewelry customization! I selected a gold charm with “Alpha Delta Pi” (my sorority) in Greek letters, and chose a blue and clear crystal (sorority colors, obvi) as the perfect accents. It is so delicate and dainty, and a subtle and classy way to wear my letters everyday :)

Nashelle has very generously and kindly offered to give a Lucky Charm Identity Necklace away to one very lucky Love a la mode reader! Simply click the link below to open the entry form!!

Click here to access the entry form for the Love a la mode and Nashelle monogram necklace giveaway!!

Good luck and I will announce the winner on Monday!




Guest Post: Fashion Gift Guide for the Man in Your Life from Style Pilot

19 Sep

Robert over at Style Pilot UK has written a great post for your guys on how to find a fashionable and affordable gift for the man in your life! So without further adieu, here’s Robert :)


Your man’s birthday or your anniversary rolls around again, and you find yourself scratching your head over what to buy him this year. Take inspiration from our simple guide, and make the most of the opportunity to put a smile on his face when he unwraps his stylish gift.

Up to $20

Admittedly, you are not going to be spoiling him if you are spending in this price range, however at the same time buying something small and sweet and can be a great way to supplement any other purchases you may have made for him.

At this price you are very much in simple accessories range. So try out a scarf, or even a pair of stylish everyday sunglasses that he can wear in the car or when out casually. Great style does not have to mean designer and high price!

$20 to $50

In this range you open up far greater possibilities for your gift purchases, and while accessories may still be playing a part in your thinking you can now look at wider fashion gifts, too.

Depending on your man’s style and what he likes, go for a sports jacket or perhaps a stylish piece of knitwear. You are unlikely to find anything with a real “wow” factor in this price range again, however you will easily pick up a number of stylish, functional pieces that will most likely match up well with most of what is already in his wardrobe.

Go for a retro styled jacket or some casual lightweight knitwear for a relaxed yet sophisticated style.

$50 to $100

As we move into the higher end of the price scale you can start to factor in designer wear, or spending more on single pieces. Of course, another alternative if you have this budget is to buy a few smaller things, however buying one will give you the chance to buy a real statement piece for your man’s wardrobe.

We would always recommend going for something for the lower half when it comes to this price range, so that means either quality denim or plimsolls. Darker denim leaves much more room for manoeuvre when it comes to outfit building, so always go for those rather than lighter styles and washes.

In terms of footwear, try casual stylish plimsolls or trainers, but avoid white at all costs!

Over $100

We are definitely into more designer territory now, and at this price it is often best to go back to accessories. A stylish bag or even a designer watch are great purchases for his everyday use, with a leather messenger bag perfect for both work or a weekend away.

Stylepilot is designed exclusively for men to navigate fashion online and to discover which styles and items to purchase. Stylepilot displays a large collection of men’s jeans, mens shirts, casual wear and tailoring.




New Dormify Post: Decorating Using Color Theory!

18 Sep

My latest post for Dormify is live on their blog now! Did you know that the colors you surround yourself with affect your mood and emotions? Click here to read how to decorate your space to strategically incorporate color theory!

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It’s a jungle out there

12 Sep

One reason I love the beginning of September is that Fall fashion is fast arriving on store floors everywhere! While out and about last weekend I noticed lots of cute autumn numbers sporting darling animal designs. Here are my top picks for two extremely affordable places to shop the trend without going over budget!

From Wallis Fashion:

Owl Sweater ($61) / Giraffe Sweater ($56) / Scottie Sweater ($61) / Cat Sweater ($61)

From H&M:

Bat Sweater ($24.95) / Fox Sweater ($24.95) / Lovebirds Sweater ($24.95)

Bonus Round!

Marc by Marc Jacobs bat ($68) / Gap Panda ($29.95) / Forever 21 Tiger ($19.81)

What do you think of this trend? Which of these sweaters is your favorite?



My new Lilly Pulitzer ADPi tumbler from Lifeguard Press!

6 Sep

Posing in the ADPi backyard with my new Lilly tumbler!

My new ADPi Lilly tumbler in its natural habitat at the Pi Palace :)

When Lifeguard Press offered to send me the new ADPi Lilly tumbler to review, I absolutely couldn’t resist! Lifeguard Press has the most adorable items, from the prettiest stationary to adorable home decor and Greek merchandise. I love everything Lilly and ADPi, and have been looking for a reusable bottle to carry around campus all day to try and stay hydrated in the 100°+ weather so the tumbler was perfect! I filled it up with some ice cold sweet tea (duh, what else?) and sipped throughout the day. The tumbler itself is very sturdy and totally leak proof. I also loved that the outside didn’t “sweat” with condensation throughout the day. Overall I love my new tumbler and would definitely recommend the Lilly Pulitzer tumblers to everyone!  Here are a few of the other products on my lust list from Lifeguard Press!

I love sending handwritten notes and Lifeguard Press has an enormous selection of beautiful Jonathan Adler (and Lilly!) stationary. I especially love this paisley set!

Lifeguard Press also carries thermal mugs in traditional Lilly prints… these are perfect for the pumpkin spice lattes now available at Starbucks :)

These cupcake candles from Dylan’s Candy Bar look good enough to eat! These are adorable and would make the perfect gift for a birthday girl!

Lifeguard Press is definitely a must-visit whenever your in need of a gift or just a little somethin somethin for yourself ;) What’s your favorite item on the site?

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Marc Jacobs WTF… As seen in VOGUE September 2012

5 Sep

Here’s another “wtf” moment I had when flipping through the September 2012 issue of Vogue last week… Leave it to good old Marc Jacobs to deliver another ad campaign featuring bizarre clothing that no one in their right mind could pull off in public and to present models in a purposely unattractive way. Dear Marc Jacobs: you’re not fooling anyone, I know your models are secretly gorgeous and your RTW lines are actually not only wearable but socially acceptable in modern society. Good try though.

Things I need to be fashionable for Fall 2012 according to Marc Jacobs:

  1. Oversized furry hat in Lakers colors.
  2. Grandma’s bedspread refashioned as a shawl.
  3. Someone to give me two black eyes.
  4. Bonus: There’s no need for bronzer or Jergen’s tanning lotion this season, wahoo!!

What are your thoughts on this ad campaign?

*Photo Credit: Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 Ad campaign, photographed by Jeurgen Teller, featuring Magda Laguinge, Marie Piovesan, Marte Mei Van Haaster, Ros Georgiou and Tati Cotliar.

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Mulberry WTF… as seen in VOGUE September 2012

4 Sep

When the larger than life September issue of Vogue arrived in my mail box last month, I could barely contain my excitement. At well over 400 pages with many of the haute couture and designer luxury brands debuting their Fall ad campaigns, I couldn’t wait to read it. I knew the perfect opportunity would come when I flew to Las Vegas for a 4 day girls’ long weekend on Friday. The trip (and the magazine) were fabulous! I did notice some ad campaigns that I just had to comment on though, so I present them now for you viewing pleasure.

Sometimes I see a couture ad and I think… who gets paid to come up with this sh*t? Case and point: Mulberry’s Fall 2012 ad campaign featuring the always iconic symbol of luxury: The Yeti. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Where The Wild Things Are as much as the next person, but I can’t say that this abominable snowman is making me want to drop over $1,850 for the “Maisie Clipper” bag or $4,000+ for the jacket featured in the ad. But hey, if looking like an oversized furry forest creature is in this season, I’ll just break out the cheese puffs and stop shaving my legs. Who’s with me?? :)

*Photo Credit: Mulberry Fall 2012 Ad Campaign, photographed by Tim Walker, styled by Jane How, featuring Lindsey Wixon.



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