Mulberry WTF… as seen in VOGUE September 2012

4 Sep

When the larger than life September issue of Vogue arrived in my mail box last month, I could barely contain my excitement. At well over 400 pages with many of the haute couture and designer luxury brands debuting their Fall ad campaigns, I couldn’t wait to read it. I knew the perfect opportunity would come when I flew to Las Vegas for a 4 day girls’ long weekend on Friday. The trip (and the magazine) were fabulous! I did notice some ad campaigns that I just had to comment on though, so I present them now for you viewing pleasure.

Sometimes I see a couture ad and I think… who gets paid to come up with this sh*t? Case and point: Mulberry’s Fall 2012 ad campaign featuring the always iconic symbol of luxury: The Yeti. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Where The Wild Things Are as much as the next person, but I can’t say that this abominable snowman is making me want to drop over $1,850 for the “Maisie Clipper” bag or $4,000+ for the jacket featured in the ad. But hey, if looking like an oversized furry forest creature is in this season, I’ll just break out the cheese puffs and stop shaving my legs. Who’s with me?? :)

*Photo Credit: Mulberry Fall 2012 Ad Campaign, photographed by Tim Walker, styled by Jane How, featuring Lindsey Wixon.



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