Senior Week + Sorority Formal (Catching Up!)

22 Jun

So sorry for the radio silence folks… I was a bit preoccupied graduating from college and moving to Tel Aviv, Israel!!! I thought I’d start updating y’all with  a few pictures here and there, then get back to the more regular fashion things I’ve been saving up to share :)

In my sorority we have a tradition of the last week of school before finals being senior week. It’s officially the best week ever and you spend every day doing something different, enjoying spending your remaining time with sisters and a last round of hurrahs with your pledge class. We had senior will downs, shrine reveal, some crazy themed happy hours, end of year banquet and superlatives, and of course, Black Diamond Ball!

Most of my pledge class in our craziest date dash outfits outside of our favorite bar in Tucson :)

My little presented me with my senior superlative of Most Likely To Run Hollywood!

My sorority family at the superlative banquet

My sorority family at the superlative banquet


My sorority family before Formal <>

Before Black Diamond Ball :)


One of our ADPi senior grad photos <3

Hope you enjoyed! Next up I’ll be posting graduation and a few of my U.S. travels before starting on Israel updates :)




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