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Rave on. (Avicii!)

16 Feb

Sorry for the radio silence this semester, I’ve been rehearsing non-stop for a play which opens tonight! Hours and hours of rehearsal are about to pay off as I perform this weekend in The Vagina Monologues! (P.S. I will laugh if you e-mail subscribers find this in your spam box because it contains the word “vagina.”) My mommy flew in from Texas to see me perform (oh, ya know, and sorority mom’s weekend) and I’m so excited to have her for the weekend :) In the meantime, here are a few photos from the Avicii concert that I went to with some sisters a few weeks ago! Warning: neon, sequins, and tutus ahead.

(From L to R) Hannah in sequins, Danielle and Logan in neon, me in a tiara, and Liz... wearing a spirit hood.

Members of my sorority fambam who came to the show being goofy! Hannah, Danielle, Me, Camryn, and Logan

Sisters who rave together stay together <3 We just wanna dance, ya know?

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Video Killed The Radio Star*

10 Oct

*Did you know that titles can’t be copyrighted under U.S. copyright laws? Interesting fact I learned in my Producing I class this semester.

But I digress… Speaking of copyright, here are a few truly really awesome videos about copyright, fair use, and how everything we do is influenced by something else. If you have some spare time or happen to be a media nerd like me, I’m sure you’ll definitely enjoy them. If you enjoy classic rock or movies, I promise the videos are worthwhile! Afterward, I strongly encourage you to watch “100 years of fashion” to see how the remixing idea is applied to textile trends. And then I just for fun I also included an artistic video of a disappearing ferris wheel. I guess you could say I’ve been on a video spree recently. Enjoy!







and…. I was also turned on to this little gem recently, a must watch for anyone who’s a procrastinator and fashion lover, so artsy and hilarious!


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Art School Confidential

25 Jul


On Wednesday I admitted to being a self-professed art nerd. There are many forces at work to blame for this wonderful self-truth, such as my mother, my hippie pre-school, the various fine arts majors I’ve acquired in college; but I like to think that there is a much larger entity responsible for my love of weird art… my hometown of Austin, Texas. Here are some random art-y things that I’ve been noticing coming out of Austin recently. If you appreciate urban art and other odd creative ventures, you will probably enjoy these images :)

1. Yarn Bombing. An Austin local, street name Knitta Please, is largely responsible for bringing this international movement stateside. The movement aims to beautify urban and city areas by leaving colorful knit tags around buildings, statues, and other fun things.

2. Play Me I’m Yours. Throughout the summer, you can see Luke Jerram’s decorated pianos around the city. Beautiful in sight and sound! Click here for images and locations of all the pianos around Austin.

3. Two other oldies but goodies that represent classic Austin.

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Tim Burton at the LACMA

20 Jul

Over the weekend, I went to see the Tim Burton retrospective at the LACMA. I’ve always been a huge fan of his films, and seeing the evolution of his artwork and creativity from high school until today was really neat and rewarding. Besides sketches, storyboards, costumes, and other works, there was an entire room full of black lights devoted to black light sculpture- super cool!! Below are a few of my favorite pieces from the exhibit. I also spent some time wandering through the Picaso’s, Koons’, and Warhol’s, among many others :)

I loved this early sketch so much I bought a lithograph of it from the gift shop for my bedroom!

There was a special room for black light sculptures and artwork, including speakers playing a score by Danny Elfman

One of the opening sculptures

One of the story models from the film "The Corpse Bride"

Aren’t they all fantastic? There are literally over 1000 pieces in the exhibit, so this is just the tip of the iceberg. Have you seen any cool exhibits lately? What are your favorite artists? Are you a Tim Burton fan? Someone please tell me I’m not the only art nerd around the style blogosphere! Continue reading

Mommy Daughter Date

18 Dec

I’ve been home for winter break for almost a week now, and my dad’s 48 hour business trip on Tuesday provided my mom and I with the opportunity to have a fun girl’s night without making dad feel left out. It started out with errand runs to Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and Joann’s to compile supplies for the upcoming gift/craft project I’ll be making for my best friends. Unfortunately for yall, they read this blog so I won’t be able to say anything more about it until we all get together for our annual dinner and gift exchange! After traipsing around town for the sake of crafting, we headed over to the 10th Annual Blue Genie Art Bazaar to check out some cool stuff. Here’s a little round up of some of my favorite items I saw around the bazaar:

When I saw these letter press notes I thought they were some of the most beautiful I’d ever seen. I’m aching for the postcard with the Austin bats from Presse du Four’s Etsy shop. Continue reading

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