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DIY Holiday Gifts

29 Nov

It’s that time of the season when holiday gift guides are starting to pop up around the blogosphere. As much fun as it is to run around the store picking out gifts (trust me, I can relate) sometimes it feels just as good to go the old-fashioned route and craft it up for the holiday season. Below is a little round up of previous posts I’ve done on some things I regularly make for everyone on my list! Hopefully you’ll find something perfect! I’m not very crafty or artistic, so you have my guarantee that they’re all easy as pumpkin pie! Just click the links for my simple directions :)

There’s the No Sew Fleece Throw, which could be customized not only to match decor, but also for a favorite school or sports team’s colors for guys.

A holiday classic is always Embellished Picture Frames. These are especially great if your artistic ability is limited to stickers (aka me, lol.)

Decorative Wall Letters are also simple and extremely personalized. You could pick greek letters, someone’s monogrammed initials, or even a word such as “love” or “dream.”

If you’re feeling especially crafty, one of my favorite things I’ve ever made is a Personalized Cork and Magnet Combo Bulletin Board. This took a little more work than the others, but it truly is a wonderful gift and extremely useful. I think these also turned out pretty darn professional looking if I do say so myself.

What are your favorite things to make? Are you more of a crafter or a buyer? What’s the best handmade gift you’ve ever received?
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Goals for 2011: A Visual

13 Jan

This week I flew to LA to spend a day with my boyfriend and his family, and then he and I drove out to school for the start of classes. As I figure out which ones I want to keep and which to drop (I’m thinking those 9ams are going to have to go…) I also, albeit belatedly, have been thinking about what else I want to try in 2011. I guess you could say these are “resolutions,” but I prefer to think of them as goals? Anyway, I decided that looking at pictures is just so much for fun and visceral than reading lengthy rants, so here’s a little collage featuring my new year’s resolutions. I’ll be checking in on them periodically here on my blog so you can follow how well I’m doing :) Also, if I write them down and display them publicly maybe that will motivate me to stay on top of everything!

New Years Resolutions

1. Actually make it to the Rec Center this semester. Seriously, my university has one of the newest, nicest gyms in the nation and I’ve never even set foot in the thing. Whoopsies. I’m going to pay for a cardio and a yoga class up front so I’ll feel guilty about wasting money if I don’t go.

2. Order dessert more often. This goes hand in hand with the working out resolution.

3. Continue learning how to cook. (Moving out of dorms + brand new townhouse = beautiful kitchen… and I don’t think my roommates realize anything exists in that part of the house other than the refrigerator, so, it’s all mine.)

4. Splurge on something luxurious I’ve always wanted, I’ll enjoy it more now than I would waiting until later. Some contenders: Tory Burch ballet flats, a Longchamp totebag, and Tiffany’s pearl earrings. Also shown, Chanel handbag, but that’s in the “yeah, in your dreams” category. Continue reading

Mommy Daughter Date

18 Dec

I’ve been home for winter break for almost a week now, and my dad’s 48 hour business trip on Tuesday provided my mom and I with the opportunity to have a fun girl’s night without making dad feel left out. It started out with errand runs to Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and Joann’s to compile supplies for the upcoming gift/craft project I’ll be making for my best friends. Unfortunately for yall, they read this blog so I won’t be able to say anything more about it until we all get together for our annual dinner and gift exchange! After traipsing around town for the sake of crafting, we headed over to the 10th Annual Blue Genie Art Bazaar to check out some cool stuff. Here’s a little round up of some of my favorite items I saw around the bazaar:

When I saw these letter press notes I thought they were some of the most beautiful I’d ever seen. I’m aching for the postcard with the Austin bats from Presse du Four’s Etsy shop. Continue reading

D-I-Y: No-Sew Fleece Throw

29 Nov

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D-I-Y: Embellished Picture Frames

1 Nov

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D-I-Y: Decorative Wall Letters

7 Oct

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