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My Life Lately via Instagram (Part 2)

8 Nov

Here’s the conclusion to me wrapping up the last three weeks of my life via instagram. You can follow me @heyitsrbr :)

My great grand little, me, and my grand little at our Halloween date dash, which took place at a spooky fairground and haunted house!

Halloween weekend was also celebrated by attending the Arizona vs. USC game where we won with a major upset!!

There was a lot of pumpkin carving this month, and this free-handed (by one of my friends) Mickey Mouse was my favorite!

Our Sorority Chef really got into the Halloween spirit with homemade caramel apples. Our house mom and house dog even came in costume to Halloween chapter :)

This past weekend I attended my first Arizona hockey game of the season. We lost at the very end but it was a great game. Since it was a white out game, I knew I had to wear my white monogram hair bow from Dixieland Monogram!

What have you been up to so far this month?

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October via Instagram (Part 1)

7 Nov

Golly gee it’s been much too long! Midterms and real life have seriously gotten in the way of my regular blogging schedule, but things are finally starting to level out and I have so much to fill you in on! Here’s a little run down on the last few weeks in my life via instagram (Follow me: @heyitsrbr) :)


To start off the month, my best friend Cassie came to visit from TCU for a fun girls’ weekend. I loved getting to spend time with my bestie!

The next weekend, my roommate Hayley and I headed to Austin City Limits Music Festival for 3 days of music, sun, and fun in the heart of Texas :)

My roommate Hayley and I after seeing Florence + The Machine, taking a dance break from an awesome Avicii set.

Hayley had never been to Austin before, so of course we had to do some shopping at Tyler’s on the drag for some classic “Keep Austin Weird” merchandise.

Although all of the music (and food!) was awesome, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ closing performance was out of this world. We stood for hours to get spots right next to the stage and it was totally worth it!! Amazing.

The weekend after ACL, my parents came to Tucson for their last college Family Weekend. We had a blast and I loved introducing them to my favorite bar, Dirtbag’s.

The first half of October was so fun and exciting. Check back tomorrow for what I was up to in the second half of the month– from a Halloween haunted house date dash to tailgating and hockey games!

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Personal Year in Review

11 Jan

Today is the first day of the spring semester and I’m going to all of my new classes :) A few days ago I told you about my 2011 blog year in review. Now I’d like to recap some of the milestones I had in my personal life in 2011 and what I’m looking forward to in the next 12 months!

January: Enjoyed visiting the family, got hair feathers for the first time, and started a new semester.

February: Took a long weekend vacation in Irvine, CA with sisters and saw a documentary screening hosted by Adrian Grenier!

March: Went home for spring break in Austin and attended the Texas Style Council Blogging Conference, as well as galloped around a few South by Southwest music shows.

April: I returned to the main stage for the first time in a while and performed my choice-role in Royal’s Dog Sees God and had a blast at my sorority’s Black Diamond Formal and the annual (and nationally infamous) Starr Pass Pool Party.

May: I survived finals (hallelujah) and went to Israel for the second summer in a row; as always, it was fantastic!

June: Finished up my trip to Israel and gallivanted around France with my cousin for 8 days through Paris, Bordeaux, and Arcachon. Oh, did I mention I also moved to Los Angeles the day I returned? It was a busy June for sure.

July: Really got into the thick of it exploring LA and working two demanding internships at independent film production companies. I loved exploring the beaches and art museums, as well as getting my feet wet in the entertainment industry!

August: Had a wonderful recruitment where my sorority pledged almost 90 new members, discovered my amazing grandlittle and grandnieces, and started an extremely difficult academic semester.

September: The highlight of September was returning home to Austin for much needed r & r and catching some of my favorites bands and performers at Austin City Limits Music Festival! Not to mention my best friend from high school came along for the journey :)

October: I proudly organized initiation for all of my new sisters, and it went off without a hitch if I do say so myself. Other highlights were Royal Wedding Semi-Formal, many a football tailgate, an autumn baking party, and a very successful Halloween (including awesome DIY costume.)

November: Aside from twenty gazillion school projects and tests, I found time to celebrate homecoming. Coming home for Thanksgiving was fun and relaxing, and I scored an awesome haul on black Friday!

December: Finished the semester with a 4.0 thanks to many sleepless nights, then returned to Austin followed by 9 days on a family cruise to Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao! I ended the year with a bang with a weekend trip with the bestie to see Eli Young Band followed by a wonderful new year’s eve slumber party.

What I’m looking forward to most in 2012: Performing in The Vagina Monologues, finding an awesome summer internship in television development, turning 21, attending the Texas Style Council Conference and Style X, beginning my senior year of college!!! (CRAY.)

What were the highlights of your year? Lowlights? What are you looking forward to most about next year?

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31 Dec

Fair warning: I know this post is a tad lengthier than normal, and not the usual “blog fare,” but it’s about something significant in my life and it would be very meaningful to me if you took the time to read it today.

Today being the last day that will ever exist of 2011, I had the full intention of sitting here and typing out the 3 pages worth of new year’s resolutions I wrote down the other night at 3am when I was having trouble falling asleep. Instead, something important happened and I need to tell you about it. But for you to understand its significance, I have to start at the beginning.

This past semester was really hard for me for a multitude of reasons. Although I definitely experienced some of the best moments of college so far, including new memories with old friends and now classic memories with new friends, there were also several elements which made it the worst semester I’ve ever had. It started when for the first time in my life I had to drop classes due to feeling impossibly overwhelmed. Taking the fewest number of units I’ve ever taken in my college career, I still had more work than ever before and harder material in each class; not to mention a plethora of group projects, a repetitive cycle in which I’m always the one who gets stuck doing all the work.

The intense academic strain coupled with my sorority responsibilities (which don’t get me wrong, I love to death) left me no time. Plus I was stressing about a crazy landlord situation and worried about a few close friends who were struggling with problems of their own. All these things began to build up and take their toll on me not just mentally, but physically. I went through periods of having zero appetite, insomnia, not being able to lay in bed because the knots in my back hurt so much, and experienced a resurgence of the severe migraines that I’d rarely felt in years. Overall, at times the physical problems were completely debilitating. But I refused to take a break and stressed myself out even more perfecting every single assignment.

That being said, there were also many amazing moments this semester. I really expanded my friend group and came to appreciate my sisters ten-fold. I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and balanced a pretty active social life while working hard enough to pull a 4.0, despite the difficulty. I also took a strong leadership role in several of the clubs/activities I’m involved in, and feel very rewarded by and proud of what I have accomplished.

I had been looking forward to the beginning of winter break as a fresh start without responsibility where I could reset and start over. However, for some inexplicable reason, the stress and anxiety seemed to follow me home and physically I’ve been feeling unwell. (Well, that’s sort of an understatement.) It has slowly been dawning on me that something has to change. I can’t keep living my life with the anxiety that weighs me down and hurts me.

In 14 weeks I turn 21, and there are plenty of other wonderful things I’m looking forward to about next semester. I’m really looking forward to all of the classes I’m taking (except Spanish) and I can’t wait to start my new officer position as Scholarship Chair of my sorority, as well as get involved with a local youth group I’ve really been wanting to work with. Oh, did I mention I also have a very cool role in a truly awesome play that starts rehearsal in 2 weeks? (The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler.)

(Side note: I hope my blog doesn’t get sent to the spam folder for all you 200+ subscribers now that I included the word “vagina.” Oops, haha.)

I was sitting on the couch late the other night, feeling sick and lethargic, listening to the screeching and shrieking howls of yet another re-run of Toddlers & Tiaras and the sound was grating on my brain. I knew there had to be something more productive, worthwhile, valuable that I could be doing, should be doing, at that moment to stop the blah.

I scoured the house gathering up a handful of vanilla candles, scrounged up an old bottle of peppermint relaxation bubble bath, drew a hot bath, and just laid in the water. I listened to an entire album (Ma Fleur by The Cinematic Orchestra) and closed my eyes and breathed in the soothing, comforting smells. Cheesy? Maybe. But when I got out, I felt like a whole new person.

Tomorrow is the first day of 2012. And I have a feeling know it is going to be the most wonderful, absolute best year yet.

*crickets* Is anyone still reading this? If you’re out there in the blogosphere and you made it this far, please take a moment to leave a comment and tell me something lovely :)

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Daily Gratitude Part 2

12 Dec

Here are the last of my silly pictures from this semester that accrued on my phone. Enjoy a few random pretties :)

A surprise bouquet from my best friend from high school to cheer me up after a long week of exams

Most of the time the desert is sunny, but this was just one of several freak torrential monsoons that popped up more than usual this semester

The Christmas tree in the formal living room of my sorority house! Made even better by the fact that the ornaments are Hannukah themed (not just for me, but I like to pretend) and the fact that we all will buy toys to go underneath that are donated to the local children's hospital :)

Hot cocoa. No, not in a red Starbucks cup but even better-- courtesy of sorority chef Tommy.

Football perfection: Hooter's wings and beer. Not pictured: The chocolate mousse cake we devoured in .5 seconds.

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Daily Gratitude Part 1

7 Dec

With Thanksgiving behind us and the holidays and new year’s up ahead, it’s important to remember the little things in life that are truly the most important. I was cleaning out my phone the other day and thought I’d share a few photos from this semester (which literally flew by at an alarming rate of speed) that make me smile :) P.S. more to come in another post as well, don’t want to overload you with too many silly things at once.

Neon roller skating mixer with PIKE fraternity

New Vince Camuto gold glitter heels being purchased

Late night Sonic runs with the roommates to make it through term papers and studying for finals

Sisters being silly in the rec room. (My sister Jaelyn is about 4'10" and my sister Liz is about 5'10"... and wearing heels, ha!)

The same silly sister Liz and I goofing off in the movie theater lobby while waiting for Breaking Dawn Part 1 to start!

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Fall Football Fashion!

24 Oct

One of my absolute favorite things about fall is college football. Growing up in Texas, it’s hard not to love the greatest game on earth. In fact, I was even a varsity cheerleader all throughout high school. Although I’m not cheering in college, (and miss it every day!) I have a season pass to the Zona Zoo- what we call our student cheering section. After 3 long weeks of away games, we finally had a home game this past Thursday. Even though it was an awkward night for a game, I’m so glad I went. Not only did we blow UCLA out of the water after a not-so-hot streak, but the game was made even more entertaining when a student, disguised as an official PAC-12 referee, made it on to the field in the middle of a play and proceeded to rip off his uniform and streak across the field. While he was being tackled and tasered, all members of both the Arizona and UCLA football teams left the benches to participate in a full on fist fight which led to several players getting ejected. (Okay, so… sportsmanship isn’t our thing. You can’t win’em all.) Are y’all college football fans? Who do you root for?

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Keep Calm, It’s a Royal Wedding Semi-Formal!

16 Oct

This weekend, my sorority threw a Royal Wedding Semi-Formal Soiree! I had a great time with all my sisters, and I had a very difficult time taking my tiara off- it was a perfect fit! Here are a few photos from us getting ready for the date dash:

My camera wasn’t charged unfortunately but hopefully a few more will pop up as people tag pics on Facebook. My dress is Love Culture, shoes are Vince Camuto, and the tiara is Charming Charlie :) Happy Monday! Continue reading

Always remember?

11 Sep

Oy. Almost two weeks without posting… school is literally eating up my entire life these days. My sorority spent the weekend at a resort to welcome all of our 93 new sisters and bond; it wasn’t until driving home this morning when I noticed a flag attached to the back of someone’s bicycle that I remembered today was September 11th. (Awful, I know.) Of course everyone remembers where they were when it happened. I was in 5th grade art class and our teacher came in and turned on the news. At my elementary school they decided that 5th graders would be allowed to watch but none of the younger students were informed.


My parents work in the stock market and so their office was closed almost immediately for the day. I remember them coming to eat lunch with me in the school cafeteria. After school I think the three of us watched the news together for hours. As a 10 year old, I understood that what happened was very bad, but didn’t really grasp the full picture of what a terrorist attack would mean for the United States and the greater world as a whole. Almost a year later I remember 6th grade band being cancelled as we gathered in the band hall to watch images of the United States entering Afghanistan on television.


Of course the various attacks on that day, and thwarted attacks since, are awful and despicable and we should remember our fellow fallen citizens and the heroes who gave their lives for others. However, as a member of a younger generation who experienced 9/11, there are also some aspects about the aftermath of September 11th which sadden me. Whether you are for or against the wars, the loss of American lives overseas as a direct result of these attacks is saddening. In my opinion, there are also some (obviously ignorant) people who have used these attacks as an excuse to promote hatred of certain people and groups.


I believe that if we let terrorists affect our lives in these ways then they are on the path that they want. My hope for the future is that Americans can take the experience of 9/11 and use it to bond together and strengthen our nation. Although in a way we have all become New Yorkers, the recent political struggles between our President, Congress, and the Senate exemplify how divided we still are in many ways. I believe remembering September 11th should be about honoring those who passed away, and promoting positive patriotic spirit in the future. We must never forget so that it never happens again, but we also must focus on how to redirect our energy into something beneficial, rather than using this day to dwell on hatred, blame, and negativity. Continue reading

Lazy Monday

11 Jul

DJ set at The Key Club (on the Sunset strip)

This weekend was full of resting, relaxing, strawberry margaritas, grilling, and all around laziness. A few friends, my boyfriend, and I went to see another friend perform at The Plush Lounge, a VIP suite underneath The Key Club, on Friday night and it was so much fun! Other than that today is going to be a day of errands and making Harry Potter plans for the weekend. Oh, there was also a Dodgers game involved!  What did you do this weekend? Fill me in!

P.S. Changes are a-comin’ on this blog. BIG. THINGS. I’m super excited to share them with you (although I can’t yet.) But they involve you (readers) and potentially goodies (for you) and it might also involve shopping. Or not. Maybe. (Hint hint…) Get pumped :) Continue reading

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