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The Look of the 2012 Golden Globes

17 Jan

As a producing major, I love watching award shows that honor excellence in the cinematic arts. And let’s be real, the fashion isn’t exactly a turn-off either. Here are some of the night’s best hits and {and misses} from the 2012 Emmy Awards!

Love it:

Modern Family's Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang

Charlize Theron in Dior (nominated for Young Adult.) I love the asymmetry and unusual shape!

Claire Danes (nom'ed for Homeland) shows a daring back cut out in J. Mendel.

Like it:

Elle MacPherson in Zac Posen, loving how she pulls off the winter white.

Michelle Williams in Jason Wu. Not sure how I feel about the blue animal print, but the fitted maxi silhouette is perfection.

Modern Family's Julie Bowen in Reem Acra, displaying my favorite combo, "nude + sparkle." A very classic safe choice, but pretty nonetheless.

Leave it:

Zooey Deschanel (nominated for The New Girl) in Prada... but it kind of looks like an unused costume from an alien movie.

Kelly Osborne in Zac Posen... I apprecite the neo-futuristic vibe, but it's a bit too Jetsons for my taste.

Freida Pinto in Prada. This actress has a gorgeous body... why is she covering it up in a blue sack??

Among my favorite wins, aside from the fashion “yesses,” were Michelle Williams for My Week With Marilyn and Midnight in Paris for Best Screenplay. (Interesting fact: The Golden Globes don’t differentiate between original and adapted screenplay like the Academy Awards do, so this category is kind of a free-for-all.) Somewhat disappointed with George Clooney winning for The Descendants (I thought it was good but not great), and Meryl Streep winning for The Iron Lady. Although I really want to see it and I heard it’s great, there were several other phenomenal actresses nominated this year who I think deserved a shot, like Rooney Mara.

Did you watch the Emmy’s? What did you think of the fashion? What were your favorite movies and tv shows of the past year?

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Video Killed The Radio Star*

10 Oct

*Did you know that titles can’t be copyrighted under U.S. copyright laws? Interesting fact I learned in my Producing I class this semester.

But I digress… Speaking of copyright, here are a few truly really awesome videos about copyright, fair use, and how everything we do is influenced by something else. If you have some spare time or happen to be a media nerd like me, I’m sure you’ll definitely enjoy them. If you enjoy classic rock or movies, I promise the videos are worthwhile! Afterward, I strongly encourage you to watch “100 years of fashion” to see how the remixing idea is applied to textile trends. And then I just for fun I also included an artistic video of a disappearing ferris wheel. I guess you could say I’ve been on a video spree recently. Enjoy!







and…. I was also turned on to this little gem recently, a must watch for anyone who’s a procrastinator and fashion lover, so artsy and hilarious!


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SXSW Fest: Music, Food, Fashion, Film, and Fun!

7 Mar

So I already told you in my previous post how I’ll be exploring my love of fashion during SXSW, but here are some of the bands, films, and restaurants on my must-list while I’m home exploring Austin for the week!


Irvine and Adrian Grenier (!!!)

10 Feb

The most amazing thing just happened to me. I was walking into the film building to work on a really annoying project I’ve been putting off all week. Right as the elevator door opened for me to get off, Adrian Grenier walked in. Yep. Actor Adrian Grenier. From Entourage. And The Devil Wears Prada. Can I just say….. OMG WTF I WAS IN AN ELEVATOR WITH ADRIAN GRENIER AND I DIDN’T SAY A WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I froze. He was singing. He’s beautiful. I”m literally KICKING myself for not saying hi. We made direct eye contact. Really, he has the most captivating eyes.

So why is he here in Tucson you may ask? Well, he recently produced a documentary called Teenage Paparazzo and he’s on campus to screen it tonight and do a guest lecture and Q + A sesh. I have tickets for me and my boyfriend and I’m really excited!  Alright so that was my 30 seconds of fame. Or, being next to fame. Sigh.

Aside from that little splurt of excitement, things have been going well aside from massive amounts of homework. Last night my girls and I went out for a fabulous sushi din where we splurged and ordered a huge sashimi combo boat, a caterpillar roll, rainow roll, and tempura. I meant to take pictures but… Sushi doesn’t last so long when placed on a table in front of my friends :)

After the documentary screening tonight I will be madly packing to go to Irvine tomorrow morning. Here’s what I’m thinking of wearing on the plane:

irvine trip outfit

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Just a Little Check-In

19 Jan

Blip. Blip. Blip. Blip. Yes the airwaves are still alive out here! Forgive the empty static but with the 4 day weekend from school coupled with the beginning of classes, I’ve been pretty busy. Now that we are 3 weeks into the new year, I think it’s about time for the first check-in to see how I’m doing with the resolutions, and also let you know what’s going on in my life with the new semester in full swing!

Goal 1. I have not made it to the Rec Center yet. In fact, today I had some minor (albeit kind of painful) dental surgery, so that’s going to put me off of physical activity for the next few days. However, that event has put my #2 well on track…

Goal 2. I have been eating lots of desserts! A half gallon of Blue Bell homemade vanilla, the chocolate motherload cake from Claim Jumper, blended root beer floats from Sonic, cookie dough straight out of the plastic tub, birthday cake at the sorority house…. If it’s sugary and in front of me, I’m eating it. (Coincidentally these are all soft foods which + dental surgery = perfection.)

Goal 3. Over the long weekend I did experiment with some cooking! I made some sort of portobello rissoto. It was… passable. No one else wanted to try it but I ate a whole bowl full. My boyfriend and I also made dinner together, he contributed seared ahi tuna (my favorite, and his house has a very nice grill in the backyard) and I contributed roasted herbed red potatoes with onions and fresh fruit for dessert. I wasn’t happy with the potatoes but my boyfriend liked them or at least pretended to. Continue reading

My Last Weekend in Austin

10 Jan

This past weekend was my last in Austin. As you read this, I’m headed to the airport to fly to LAX to see the boyfriend and his family for a day, and then he and I are driving back to school together. I spent my last few days at home seeing as many old friends as possible and doing as many Austin-y things as I could fit in. On Thursday night, my best friend Cassie and I went to First Thursday on South Congress, an area of town which features special vendors, food, and late night shopping on the first Thursday of every month.

One cool and unique aspect of South Congress is a little field full of trailer food vendors of every variety. I don’t know if your cities have hopped on to the trailer food craze, but Austin has been taken by storm! After walking through some of the craft vendors and some clothing boutiques, my best friend and I decided to stop at a stall to get feather extensions put in our hair!

I like them so much I’m even going to get a few more put in! After this spur of the moment fashion impulse decision, we headed down the street to Jo’s Coffee for some snacks.

I had a fantastic chocolate chip cookie and a nice warm hot cocoa (with whipped cream of course!) I also spotted this little flyer on the board there and had to snap a photo:

Notices like this are extremely typical of South Austin, I love the eclectic nature of the area and the wonderful, laid back nature of the people who live there. I managed to make it down to that neighborhood about 3 different times this break, including a few days later to have lunch with my friend Dan at the Torchy’s Taco Trailer. Continue reading

Movie Review: Black Swan

8 Jan

Um. Wow. Can I just say… wow. (What, that’s not enough? You want more detail? Ok I guess…)

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Movie Review: The Social Network

4 Oct

This past weekend, a few friends and I actually made the sojourn to a movie theater to spend $8.50 (student price) to see The Social Network on its opening weekend. Being a budget babe, I ordinarily would’ve waited for this to come out on dvd or see it at the discount cinema to save a few bucks. However, after reading a very positive article about the film in Entertainment Weekly this week intimating the movie was already generating Oscar buzz, I knew I had to see what everyone was talking about.  (Don’t worry, the irony that not only am I addicted to facebook, a social networking website, in real life but have now also paid actual money to go see an entire feature film about it is not lost on me.) Continue reading

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