MatchaDNA Review

23 Oct

Those of you who know me (or have been around the blogosphere awhile) know that I love tea. While black tea used to be my staple, recently I’ve been trying to switch to green tea because of the many health benefits it provides over the other varieties. Matcha is an especially pure form of green tea that is created by blending the tea leaves into a minuscule powder that dissolves in the hot water, instead of just drinking water brewed from the tea leaves. Consuming the entire leaf in this manner provides more than 10 times the nutritional value and antioxidants that regular tea provides.

matcha dna green tea

When MatchaDNA contacted me about trying out their tea, I couldn’t wait! One thing I especially loved after trying the product was that it doesn’t have the bitter, harsh taste that certain green teas can have. Because it’s derived from a Chinese green tea plant (as opposed to Japanese, which is the more common), it has a much more smooth, calming flavor that I really loved enjoying while relaxing on the couch. It also provides a steady, energizing amount of caffeine that leaves you aware and awake without feeling jumpy or jittery like coffee (or the other college staple, adderal.)

Another neat aspect about MatchaDNA in particular is that one package comes with 34 individually wrapped serving size packets of matcha instead of a bulk bag of powder. This made it so easy to make a single serving for myself, plus I was able to toss a packet in my lunch bag to take to work without having to worry about making a powdery mess everywhere. Extra bonus, MatchaDNA is guaranteed never radiated and is USDA certified 100% organic. Please check out their website, facebook, and twitter for more information!

Are you a tea or coffee person? Have you ever tried matcha? What do you think of this “superfood”?

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Sponsored: Dove Clear Tone Review!

11 Oct

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Dove. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

I don’t typically use Dove brand deodorant, but when I was sent the materials about their newest product I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I have very sensitive skin and am always prone to irritation from shaving or exercise. As Dove says about their product, “Shaving can be harsh on underarm skin; in fact, 32 million women in the U.S. experience underarm red and dark marks that result from shaving irritation. As a result of shaving, underarm skin loses 50% more moisture, which can lead to dryness and irritation. Dove Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant is designed to reduce red and dark marks in just two weeks, while also providing 1 / 4 moisturizers to replenish skin after women’s daily shaving routines. Specially formulated with Calendula and Sunflower Seed Extracts, Dove Clear Tone accelerates the natural skin renewal process to help restore skin to its natural tone. Dove Clear Tone also offers 48-hour odor and wetness protection and comes in four variants including new Pink Rosa – a floral and fruity fragrance. Dove Clear Tone is available at drugstores nationwide. You can find more information at”

Dove clear tone

I love the special emphasis on natural ingredients and the formulation for sensitive skin. This is especially important to me because I hate putting unnecessary chemicals on/in my body and my skin tends to turn red very quickly if products are too scented or otherwise harsh and irritating. The Dove deodorant smells fresh and clean without being overwhelming and really lasted all day through lots of running around, errands, work, and other activity. I have not previously used Dove personal care products very often but in the future it is definitely a brand I would consider purchasing! Have you used any Dove products in the past? Will you be trying the new deodorant?

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Catching Up

8 Oct
Me, standing in front of one of the temples in the Emerald Buddha complex in Bangkok, Thailand. Duh I'm wearing Marley Lilly... :)

Me, standing in front of one of the temples in the Emerald Buddha complex in Bangkok, Thailand. Duh I’m wearing Marley Lilly… :)

Holy cow y’all. I cannot believe it has been 7 weeks since a blog post went up here. I really needed the break and now I feel refreshed and inspired to start writing a bunch of stuff for you guys… if there’s still anyone out there?? Here’s a brief rundown of the amazing things and big changes that have been going on in the past 2 months, which are pretty much why I didn’t have a single second to blog. But now that things are finally starting to settle down, I can’t wait to get back into blogging! In the past 7 weeks I…

  • Moved out of the apartment in Tel Aviv I lived in for 3 months (I will miss the beach but not the bed bugs.)
  • Spent 3 weeks traveling through Southeast Asia (and developed a new obsession with Thailand)
  • Finally got to spend Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur with my family at the synagogue I grew up with for the first time in 4 years
  • Moved to Los Angeles and found the most perfect apartment!! (It wasn’t as easy as it sounds.)
  • Learned to navigate to the boonies of Los Angeles, become a Craiglist junkie, and flea market raider to decorate said apartment
  • Applied for over 50 jobs in the film and television producing industry
  • Started interviewing at some amazing companies! (fingers crossed.)

As you can see, I am at a major crossroad in my life and am so excited about all of the unknowns in my future. I hope that you will stay with me through this journey and I can’t wait to update you all every step of the way :) I would love to hear what you all have been up to!

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Stephanie Johnson Giveaway!!

15 Aug

As you read this, I’m sitting at Ben Gurion International (Tel Aviv) waiting for my flight to Hong Kong to spend 2.5 weeks in Macau, Thailand, and Vietnam!! In honor of my trip to Southeast Asia, the wonderful team at Stephanie Johnson has offered to give one very lucky Love a la mode reader  a JUMBO zip cosmetic bag in the Jakarta print! Let me tell you this bag is absolutely amazing.  Here is a (very embarassing) picture of what my toiletry collection legitimately entailed before I received the product:


5 separate bags. I kid you not. Enter Stephanie Johnson to the rescue and I am down to just one! Not only do I love the print, but I love the spaciousness. With dimensions 10-7/8” L x 3-1/2″ W x 8″, everything fits! Not to mention the waterproof lined interior means I don’t have to worry about something spilling and ruining everything else in my bag.

I am also newly obsessed with the sweet passport cover in berry they sent me to keep my passport safe and sound on my 5 country journey. Another bonus is it is also a waterproof material, which never hurts. After how happy I am with the quality and styling of the Stephanie Johnson products I received, I could definitely see upping my collection in the very near future ;)


What are your favorite products from the website? Good luck everyone!

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Israel Diaries: Jerusalem International Film Festival

5 Aug

One of the best experiences I’ve had this summer living in Israel was getting to attend the Jerusalem International Film Festival through my internship at an international film financing company. I was also really excited to travel to Jerusalem and stay with one of my ADPi pledge sisters who recently relocated here. I arrived in Jerusalem on a Sunday evening and after stashing all my stuff in her apartment/dorm at Hebrew University, we took the light rail into the Jerusalem city center for a nice dinner at HaSpaghettim (literal translation: The Spaghettis.) The next day, I was on my own to get myself to the film festival to catch my first screening. To say that Google Maps led me astray in my journey to the Jerusalem Cinematheque might be an understatement. Long story short, I ended up on an all Arab-Islamic bus headed to Bethlehem via the West Bank. And I was wearing a sleeveless, backless blouse (which albeit chic, didn’t quite go with everyone else’s hijab.) Thankfully, the bus driver spoke a little English and agreed to drop me off right in front of the Cinematheque before continuing on to the Palestinian territories. (Side note: Dear Google Maps, if you could invent an “avoid imminent danger” or “circumvent awkward cultural differences” filter in the near future, it would be greatly appreciated.)

Jerusalem Cinematheque

View of the valley of Jerusalem as seen from the Cinematheque at night

After that little adventure I finally made it just in time for my first screening, a feature length fiction film financed by my company! The acting was great and I loved hearing the panel with the director afterwards. Later in the day I met back up with my friend and we went to another screening. After the film, we walked to the old central train station which has recently been renovated into a cool urban hang out with lots of bars and restaurants. We couldn’t resist a little dessert and some girl talk :)

Cafe Landwer

Cappucino, nana tea, and molten chocolate cake with ice cream at Cafe Landwer

On Tuesday, we spent a leisurely morning getting some work done at Aroma (the Israeli version of Starbucks) and then the latter half of the afternoon lunching and shopping. That evening we met up with our friend Haley, another Arizona grad, for dinner near Ben Yehuda at Focaccia Bar, which was super different and seriously delicious. We spent hours catching up before heading back to Mt. Scopus for the night.

Arizona girls at Focaccia Bar

Arizona ’13 grads at Focaccia Bar

On Wednesday afternoon, Rachel and I said our goodbyes and then I headed back into the city center (I managed to stay on the Israeli bus line this time) to the Cinematheque. I saw two more screenings, including the latest documentary produced by Morgan Spurlock and Eve Ensler, before heading to the central bus station to catch the last bus back to Tel Aviv. I finally arrived back at my apartment around midnight, completely exhausted, but loving every second that I got to spend with friends in Jerusalem.

Have you traveled anywhere neat this summer? When was the last time you got to catch up with old friends?

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Coming Soon: Issa for Banana Republic

2 Aug

Although I’m loving my time in Israel (and soon to be trip to Southeast Asia), after two months away from America I’m definitely experiencing  severe FOMO- fear of missing out. I’m jealous that my friends back home are doing fun things without me (like going to Vegas, aka my Mecca) and all of the other cool things going on in the good ol’ USA. Luckily, I won’t have to fret about missing the upcoming designer collaboration hitting Banana Republic shelves soon! Issa for Banana Republic will feature 40 pieces and be available in stores and online starting on August 8th. You can bet I’ll be fighting to snag one of the sought-after recreations of the dress Kate Middleton wore to her engagement announcement, which will be available in navy and plum.

These are just a few of my favorite pieces from the collection. What are yours?

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Israel Diaries: Laila Lavan

1 Aug

Celebrating Laila Lavan

Last month, I celebrated my very first Laila Lavan on the streets of Tel Aviv. Laila Lavan literally translates to White Night, and is a huge 24-hour celebration in the city of Tel Aviv, commemorating when the city was finally named a UNESCO World Heritage Sight. It is truly a unique holiday and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. On a Thursday evening/night/morning, every single thing in the city remains open. Museums, restaurants, theatres, concert halls, and anything else you can imagine host special events and parties until long after the sun rises. To celebrate Laila Lavan like true Israelis, a few friends and I started the evening by walking to Rabin Square where there were big concerts and cool multimedia art shows all night.

image  After that we walked down Ibn Gibarol Street where tons of different groups were playing lots of live music and having crazy dance parties in the streets. We stopped every so often to listen to the different sounds and people watch.


As we approached Rothschild Street, where the really wild stuff was happening, we stopped at several of the carts selling yummy snacks and cheap libations and made new friends.


After a fun dance party in the street with several hundred other people that we stumbled onto, we finally headed into a bar/club called Polaroid around 3am. Inside they were playing American hiphop, and they had opened up the back patio/yard area into a massive open space with experimental house DJs and some cool art installations.


Around 6am we finally decided to start heading back towards our apartment building (trust me this is still considered very early to go home on Laila Lavan) and we watched the sunrise as we walked down Allenby and stopped at an amazing 12 shekel glatt kosher pizza place. (Seriously the best pizza I have ever had. And it wasn’t just because I was inebreated at 6am and had just walked 4 miles. It was honestly delicious!)


Some of my friends headed to the beach to stay up longer and watch the sunrise, but as for me, it was time for bed, but this has definitely been my most memorable experience in Israel so far.

Have you had any fun adventures this summer? What has your most fun experience abroad been?


Currently Loving: Milly for Banana Republic (and discount code!)

31 Jul

Okay so I don’t exactly need any more clothes, but the sweet Milly designs currently available at Banana Republic are seriously making me wish I were stateside right about now. I adore all of the colorful pencil skirts and preppy blouses. I’m dreaming of a new work wardrobe coming to my closet in September when I move to Los Angeles…


Have you purchased any pieces from the collection? Which is your favorite?

P.S. Today only take 40% off your entire Banana Republic online purchase by using code BRFORTY at checkout!

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Currently Loving: Pret-a-Surf for J.Crew

29 Jul

I’m in love with the chic simplicity of the recent Pret-a-Surf and J.Crew collaboration. I’ve certainly loved living 15 minutes away from the beach for the past 2 months and I’m excited to move to Los Angeles in September where I won’t be too far away either. I would love to get back in to surfing and these darling preppy boy shorts and rash guards would be the perfect accessory for a dip in the Pacific Ocean, no?



P.S. J.Crew is giving everyone an additional 40% off of final sale merchandise and free shipping on orders over $100 this week, just use code STYLE40 at checkout! Continue reading

FEED U.S.A. for Target

19 Jul

Okay Okay I know I’m a little late to the game on this one (being in the Middle East for 2 months will do that to you) but I am adoring the FEED U.S.A for Target line! FEED U.S.A. is an organization founded and chaired by Lauren Bush Lauren (Lauren Bush married Ralph Lauren’s son… yeah that’s a mouthful) which aims to end world hunger one meal at a time. Each item they sell equates to a certain number of meals provided to impoverished children around the world.  The clothing in my opinion is a little meh, but the housewares are great. I can’t wait until mid-September when I will be decorating my brand new apartment in Los Angeles. I would love to have a few of the pieces from this collection around :)

FEED for Target Scented Jar Candle, $10

FEED for Target Scented Jar Candle

FEED for Target Acrylic Water Bottle, $13

FEED for Target Acrylic Water Bottle

FEED for Target Pie Plate, $15

(I’ve convinced myself that owning this will automatically increase my pie-baking ability.)

FEED for Target Pie Plate

FEED for Target Bakeware – Small 47oz, $17

FEED for Target Bakeware - Small 47oz

FEED for Target Bakeware – Large 155oz, $25

FEED for Target Bakeware - Large 155oz

FEED for Target Throw Blanket 50×60″, $30

FEED for Target Throw Blanket 50x60"

FEED for Target Bike Helmet – Blue Paisley, $35

FEED for Target Bike Helmet - Blue Paisley

What do you think of the most recent Target collaboration? What is your favorite piece from the collection?

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