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Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao: A photo travel guide

29 Dec

Well, I’ve officially been back in the country for 48 hours now after a whirlwind 8 days on a cruise to the Dutch Lesser Netherlands Antilles. Here are some photos from my trip and a few tips and suggestions if you ever find yourself 50 miles off the coast of Venezuela!

We cruised out of Ft.Lauderdale for 8 days on Holland America’s Westerdam. It was our first time on the cruise line, (though my 16th time on a cruise ship,) which was definitely adequate though not our favorite ever. Highlights were the casino, spa, and daily poolside fajita bar, lowlights were lack of nightlife on-board and no drink specials.

My 88-year-old Grandfather and I enjoying the private island of Half Moon Cay, Bahamas.

Overall, we were a bit underwhelmed by Aruba. The city itself is pretty filthy and not too enjoyable. The beaches, however, did not disappoint. We took a short ride on the #10 public bus ($2.30 roundtrip per person) to the Amsterdam Hotel and walked across the street to their stretch of Eagle Beach. The sand was soft, water warm, chairs free, and drinks flowing- definitely a must! My cousins and I also spent time in the city later at night at a little dive bar which made for extremely interesting people watching.

Curacao was definitely a quaint little town, very clean and pretty. We walked all over the shopping district looking at beautiful jewelry. We also passed through the floating market, a collective of junk boats from Venezuela that commute back and forth selling fresh produce and handicrafts. Definitely walk along the historic footbridge across the channel, or take the ferry :)

Bonaire was probably our favorite port of call. With just over 2,000 citizens, it’s truly an unspoiled paradise full of amazing snorkeling, gorgeous beaches, lush greenery, and colorful native flamingo and donkey populations. The island is quiet and vibrant, and the kindness of the inhabitants is contagious. We took a taxi to the south side of the island to Sorobon Beach, where I sunbathed and my cousins played around in the water and attempted to learn to windsurf. My mom enjoyed visiting the local craft market as well!

Grandpa and I heading to the formal dining room for dinner.

Have you ever been to any of these islands? What did you do? Did you go anywhere else this holiday season? I had so much to catch up on all of your wonderful blogs, tell me how your holiday went! And oh yeah, happy new year too :)

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My Top Eight… Favorite Places I’ve Been

25 Feb

As you may have noticed from my last few posts, I have travel on the brain. Without further ado, here are the first half of my top 8 favorite places I’ve been and some favorite photos from those trips. (In no particular order.)

1. Paradise Island/The Bahamas. This past summer, my parents, best friend, and I stayed at the Riu on Paradise Island, right next door to Atlantis. We spent a fabulous week hanging out by the beach, visiting the water park (and PURE night club) at Atlantis, and snorkeling.

2. Chicago. I’ve been here several times now for various reasons, but the most time I’ve ever spent was a few summers ago when I lived at Northwestern University in Evanston for a summer theatre program. The city is fun and has some great performance art going on… although living by the lake in the summer still made for quite a chilly July!

Navy Pier at night, from the top of the giant Ferris Wheel.

The female half of my cast, the show we performed was a stage interpretation of Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette movie.

The lake outside of my Northwestern dorm at sunrise.

3. St. Maarten (The Dutch side.) By far my favorite Virgin Island, I’ve now been there twice and the beach never fails to satisfy. My cousins and I love lounging on the soft sand, and walking down the row of shops and restaurants mere feet away from the waves. The water taxi there is also a fun ride.

These things are everywhere in the Caribbean. I think they’re pretty creepy.

My cousins and I on the water taxi.

4. Israel. I can barely describe the 2 weeks I spent there last summer in just a few sentences, so there might be more on this later. But essentially, Jerusalem has amazing history, Tel Aviv has amazing beaches and night life, Northern Israel is basically a giant green orchard, and the Dead Sea was super fun :)

The old city of Jerusalem including the Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Tel Aviv- The beaches, business, and night life of Israel.

The Negev Desert… not a whole lot to look at, but there are camels. Continue reading

And now for something completely different…

13 Dec

My boyfriend and I at a tacky sweater party last weekend.

Well, the semester is officially over for me, and the year 2010 is almost over too! I can’t believe it. In about 2 weeks we’ll be ringing in the new year. I know I don’t share a whole lot of personal photos on this blog, because it’s not a diary type of blog, but I thought it might be fun to post a few just to sum up the wonderful year I’ve had. Enjoy!

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