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Plan it out

5 Aug

I would just like to start off by saying I had a major big girl moment this week– Yesterday I drove 500 miles by myself from Los Angeles back to school… It was a little scary, but mostly exciting. Thanks to my iPod I made it without any problem! Fall classes are approaching faster than I’d like to admit, but if there’s one thing that gets me excited about going back to school, it’s filling out a brand new planner with socials, girl’s nights, and dates with B. These Lilly ones are so pretty and affordable, I had the hardest time picking a color but I settled on turquoise :)

Lilly Pulitzer 16-month agenda in "Beach Club Blue Nice To See You." $15.95

Main image - Hotty Pink Luscious

Lilly Pulitzer 16-month agenda in "Hotty Pink Luscious." $15.95

Main image - True Navy Bloomers

Lilly Pulitzer 16-month agenda in "True Navy Bloomers." $15.95

Which print is your favorite? Continue reading

Back To School Cool: Stylish Tech Accessories

26 Jan

This one’s going to be brief y’all, the semester is officially in full swing! Here are some cute little tech accessories I’ve both noticed and envied around the library so far this year. It’s hard to stay focused with so much work to do, but these items make work seem more like play!

cell phone covers


Tory Burch- $75, Marc Jacobs- $28. Both from Nordstroms. “City” Cover- $2.99, from fredflare. Continue reading

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