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31 Oct

One sake bomb date dash, one chill night with friends, one day of baking and domestic autumn festivities with my sisters, one annual fraternity Boo Bash, and an entire day of homework later, I’m alive…. and prepared for actual Halloween! Here’s a little weekend in pictures recap… lots of DIYs and recipes to come this week! (Oh ps… It’s homecoming week which means an entire 7 days of mixers, date dashes, dinner exchanges, and football- can’t wait to share it all with you!!)

Halloweekend round 1, getting dressed for a Halloween themed date dash!

Heading to the pumpkin patch to pick out a few pumpkins and gourds

Baking lots and lots of cookies!

In the kitchen with my little

Rhinestone pumpkins.... #sororitygirlproblems

Carving pumpkins :)

Handmade caramel apples with chocolate sprinkles

Black swan and white swan for Halloween

In character

How was your weekend? What did you do? What are your Halloween plans??

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Keep Calm, It’s a Royal Wedding Semi-Formal!

16 Oct

This weekend, my sorority threw a Royal Wedding Semi-Formal Soiree! I had a great time with all my sisters, and I had a very difficult time taking my tiara off- it was a perfect fit! Here are a few photos from us getting ready for the date dash:

My camera wasn’t charged unfortunately but hopefully a few more will pop up as people tag pics on Facebook. My dress is Love Culture, shoes are Vince Camuto, and the tiara is Charming Charlie :) Happy Monday! Continue reading

Just a Little Check-In

19 Jan

Blip. Blip. Blip. Blip. Yes the airwaves are still alive out here! Forgive the empty static but with the 4 day weekend from school coupled with the beginning of classes, I’ve been pretty busy. Now that we are 3 weeks into the new year, I think it’s about time for the first check-in to see how I’m doing with the resolutions, and also let you know what’s going on in my life with the new semester in full swing!

Goal 1. I have not made it to the Rec Center yet. In fact, today I had some minor (albeit kind of painful) dental surgery, so that’s going to put me off of physical activity for the next few days. However, that event has put my #2 well on track…

Goal 2. I have been eating lots of desserts! A half gallon of Blue Bell homemade vanilla, the chocolate motherload cake from Claim Jumper, blended root beer floats from Sonic, cookie dough straight out of the plastic tub, birthday cake at the sorority house…. If it’s sugary and in front of me, I’m eating it. (Coincidentally these are all soft foods which + dental surgery = perfection.)

Goal 3. Over the long weekend I did experiment with some cooking! I made some sort of portobello rissoto. It was… passable. No one else wanted to try it but I ate a whole bowl full. My boyfriend and I also made dinner together, he contributed seared ahi tuna (my favorite, and his house has a very nice grill in the backyard) and I contributed roasted herbed red potatoes with onions and fresh fruit for dessert. I wasn’t happy with the potatoes but my boyfriend liked them or at least pretended to. Continue reading

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