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Hey you just got here, and this is crazy, but we all love fashion, so stalk me maybe?

18 Jul

Connecting through social media is an ever-evolving and powerful tool for both bloggers and fashion lovers alike, and today I am proud to announce that Love a la mode is now on Currently Obsessed! Currently Obsessed is kind of like Pinterest for fashion. You create an account, follow your favorite fashion bloggers, and every time you log in you see a feed of their current fashion “obsessions.” (It’s like newsfeed for fashion related pins.) It’s a cool and fun way to follow new trends, and especially to discover new blogs. I’ve loved playing around with it and it’s introduced me to the most adorable style bloggers! I would be ever so grateful if you all could poke around and “stalk me,” if you feel so inclined :) Bonus: Every item and link is completely shoppable, so no more dead-ending and never finding the product of your dreams like on Pinterest!


Pssssssst…. If you want to connect with Love a la mode through other social media gateways, you can like my Facebook page and follow me on twitter! Don’t forget to add me on instagram too @lovealamode91.



Movie Review: The Social Network

4 Oct

This past weekend, a few friends and I actually made the sojourn to a movie theater to spend $8.50 (student price) to see The Social Network on its opening weekend. Being a budget babe, I ordinarily would’ve waited for this to come out on dvd or see it at the discount cinema to save a few bucks. However, after reading a very positive article about the film in Entertainment Weekly this week intimating the movie was already generating Oscar buzz, I knew I had to see what everyone was talking about. Β (Don’t worry, the irony that not only am I addicted to facebook, a social networking website, in real life but have now also paid actual money to go see an entire feature film about it is not lost on me.) Continue reading

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