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Tx SCC Part 6: Creating a Blogging Community

26 May

Note: This post was written several days prior and scheduled to post today. As you read this, I’m currently on a month long journey through Israel and France. Please leave some comment love and let me know you stopped by… although unfortunately I won’t be able to catch up on your blogs or respond until I return to the United States. Wish me luck, I can’t wait to share my adventures with you!

This is my sixth and final post in a series of blogging lessons I learned from the fantastic Texas Style Council Conference I attended in Austin during SXSW and my spring break. Check out the Archives to read parts one, two, three, four, and five.

The fifth and last (but certainly not least) conversation panel at the first annual Texas Style Council Conference was led by Indiana from Adored Austin and included many suggestions for finding new readers and cultivating your community into an active audience. The panel was made up of Dave from Etsy, Kendi from Kendi Everyday, and Susan from ModCloth. I learned so much from these amazing guests and I’m so excited to share their ideas with you!

1. Network on related websites. Pretty self-explanatory on that one. If you don’t have an account on Independent Fashion Bloggers, get one now. You can click on it under my pretty picture on the right sidebar. Create a polyvore account, interact with users on fashism, chictopia, and any other site with a common audience to what you write about. If you’re a food blogger, interact with members of recipe sharing websites. Chances are, if there’s a website you like, other people who might enjoy your blog probably like that website too. So, reach out to them and invite them to check you (ahem, err, your blog) out! You’ll probably like them, and they’ll probably like you too… win win :)

2. Talk to your audience, ask questions, and seek advice. I don’t really feel any need to elaborate on this important idea. In the words of a famous company, just do it!

3. Reply promptly to comments and facilitate the dialogue and discussion. Again, self-explanatory.

4. Dave from Etsy contributed the principle that economically challenging times bring about in increase in global creativity. Be original. Do something unique. BE CREATIVE. Show people how they can borrow your ideas and it will better their lives; either by saving them time or money, or better yet doing both of those things and bringing them joy simultaneously. Even if you write a high fashion blog, you are most likely aware that the majority of your readers cannot afford the styles you feature. Instead, your goal is probably to provide them with the haute couture information in order to inspire them to adopt their own take on the trend. This goes along with another point of Dave’s…

5. Use physical resources sparingly, but use your e-sources to the max. Take advantage of what is free. And then, share it with your audience. They’ll like that, and appreciate it, I promise. And afterwards, they’ll return the favor. Yay good karma wheel.

Well, I guess that’s about it for creating a better blog. What did you think of these ideas? What online communities do you utilize to network for your blog? How are you being creative in response to the decline in the economy? What e-sources do you use on a regular basis and what else would you like to share with our audience? Discuss discuss discuss! Let’s all help each other out by contributing your own useful tips.


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