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Currently Loving: Pret-a-Surf for J.Crew

29 Jul

I’m in love with the chic simplicity of the recent Pret-a-Surf and J.Crew collaboration. I’ve certainly loved living 15 minutes away from the beach for the past 2 months and I’m excited to move to Los Angeles in September where I won’t be too far away either. I would love to get back in to surfing and these darling preppy boy shorts and rash guards would be the perfect accessory for a dip in the Pacific Ocean, no?



P.S. J.Crew is giving everyone an additional 40% off of final sale merchandise and free shipping on orders over $100 this week, just use code STYLE40 at checkout! Continue reading

Save or Splurge: Timex for J.Crew and Target!

11 Dec

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I am loving the retro look of the Timex for J.Crew collaboration, but at the $150 – $195 price point, they’re a little hefty for something that I don’t want to wear all the time. Luckily, this season there is also a fabulous Timex capsule collection for Target called Mix it, Switch it, Love it that is way more in line for ladies on a budget! Compare the two lines below and share your opinion in the comments: would you save or splurge on this one??

Timex for J.Crew Vintage Field Army Watch, $150.

Timex for Target Weekender Slip Through Watch in Olive, $34.99. (P.S. the straps are changeable and only cost $6.99 each!)


Timex for J.Crew 1600 Watch, $195.

Timex Round Case Watch, $39.99. (P.S. this version also has changeable straps which are just $9.99 each!)

It’s really interesting to see how the collections are so similar. I love that Timex does different collaborations for people with varying budgets. What are your favorite pieces from the collections? Would you spend or save on these?

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Black Friday Haul

26 Nov

Boy did I do a number this year. I got some awesome deals and I can’t wait to tell you about them. I started my Black Friday technically on Thanksgiving Thursday, when 2 of my best girl friends and I headed to the outlet mall in Round Rock (the enormous one in San Marcos gets a little too cray cray for us) at 10pm for some deals. Here’s what I scored: (P.S. click the photos to purchase!)

First stop, Ralph Lauren. Ended up getting a blue and white striped classic oxford. Regular price $89.50, on sale at the outlet for $54.50, black friday price down to $38.50. Second place I lucked out was Eddie Bauer. I’ve never really bought anything from there before, but I was in the market for a puffer vest and the ones in the window caught my eye. I was really impressed by the quality and customer service at the store, and walked out with a hunter green 100% goose down puffer vest with beautiful brown toggle closures that’s good to 20°F, so I think that’ll take care of me (ha.) The original price was $129.99, the outlet price was $89.99, and my final cost with special sales was $48.

Then we get to American Apparel. A few weeks ago, I bought the $50 for $100 Groupon that went out knowing that I needed to stock up on a few basics, specifically the “winter leggings” that will keep your legs cozy in the arctic and which seem to have become my daily staple when the Doppler dips below 70°. (Hey, I’m southern born and bred, what can I say.) Not only was I going to maximize my groupon savings by getting AA outlet prices on the leggings, but it turns out that they surprisingly had buy one, get one half off everything in the store. The total regular retail value of the 3 pairs of leggings and one long sleeved tunic-y shirt I purchased was $140. What did I pay? Exactly my groupon to the dime, so, $50. Can you say steal?

Fast forward about 2 hours and J. Crew finally opens, where I snagged a light wash denim button down half off, from $62.50 to $31.25 after sales and my student discount. Next up the outlet mall was starting to get ugly hectic so we maneuvered our way out of the parking lot (nearly witnessing an accident and possibly a marriage end on the way) and booked it to Target. I bought a door-buster flannel button-down for $10 and a camera tripod for $24. It wasn’t on sale… but, it’s what I wanted. So expect to see a bunch of outfit posts and vlogs in the future… speaking of, I have an extra special surprise to announce in a few weeks related to vlogging so get excited!


So just in case you haven’t been keeping up with the math, here’s a summary of the specifics. Total retail value of all goods purchased: $461.99 Total amount paid: $191.75 Savings: 59.5%…. NOT TOO SHABBY! (Note: calculations done without tax for simplification purposes.) So basically, by being willing to fight the crowds in the cold for 4 hours (okay it was in the 50s it was manageable I’m just a baby) I saved almost 60% of my money to do something more important with. (AKA, buy presents for my sorority sisters- but more on that later :)

Well I think that’s about it for now… are you a black Friday shopper? What about Cyber Monday? What deals did you find??

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Max it out (outfit post)

14 Jul

Hello lovies, happy almost friday! Today I’m taking part in Pretty Shiny Sparkly’s Bloggers Do It Better Maxi Skirt Challenge. The cool weather around SoCal has got me longing (just a tad) for fall, so I decided to take my favorite maxi and play up the autumn color tones. It was even chilly enough outside that I needed a sweater for the photo shoot!

J. Crew cardigan, Sugar Lips tank, random off-brand skirt from circa 5th grade, gifted wrap bracelets

This look is so casual and a little boho… I was a bit nervous to go full on maxi at first, fearing I wouldn’t be able to move around as easily as usual, but it was surprisingly comfy! I loved the floaty feminine feeling. Are you a maxi fan? How else would you wear this? Continue reading

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