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Fresh From Israel

6 Jun

Greetings there strangers! This is about the first time I’ve truly had extra internet time in almost 3 weeks. Yikes. I just spent the past two and a half weeks in Israel, and now I’m in Bordeaux, France, visiting my cousin. In other exciting news… when I get back to the states next Monday I’ll be moving to LA for the summer to work for an entertainment company! WOO! I’m so excited and having a blast abroad. Without further ado, here are pictures from the beginning of my trip to Israel :)

Step 1: Get off plane. Step 2: Settle into hotel. Step 3: Get dressed up and go out to the bars on Ben Yehuda street in Jerusalem

Me and one of my sorority sisters at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem

Israel is quite possibly the only place where the phrase "mall food court sushi" sounds like the greatest idea in the world. I didn't even remember to take the picture until I'd already eaten half of it.

Another night out on Ben Yehuda. Just for the record, the boyfriend and I are not matching on purpose. Bars and clubs in Israel generally come with free hookah and shots when you order drinks, interesting fact.

Well that covers the first 2 days… stay tuned later this week for a pictorial of The Shuk on a Friday afternoon… aka, a crazy hectic market place full of wonderful foods and smells during peak rush time.



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