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Save or Splurge: Timex for J.Crew and Target!

11 Dec

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I am loving the retro look of the Timex for J.Crew collaboration, but at the $150 – $195 price point, they’re a little hefty for something that I don’t want to wear all the time. Luckily, this season there is also a fabulous Timex capsule collection for Target called Mix it, Switch it, Love it that is way more in line for ladies on a budget! Compare the two lines below and share your opinion in the comments: would you save or splurge on this one??

Timex for J.Crew Vintage Field Army Watch, $150.

Timex for Target Weekender Slip Through Watch in Olive, $34.99. (P.S. the straps are changeable and only cost $6.99 each!)


Timex for J.Crew 1600 Watch, $195.

Timex Round Case Watch, $39.99. (P.S. this version also has changeable straps which are just $9.99 each!)

It’s really interesting to see how the collections are so similar. I love that Timex does different collaborations for people with varying budgets. What are your favorite pieces from the collections? Would you spend or save on these?

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