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My first giveaway: an online shopping spree from Zestii!!!

22 Jul

I’m so excited to be able to tell you guys about a great new service, and give away some goodies to you fabulous readers! Zestii is an online service that gives you cash back for shopping online at stores that you already love. They graciously allowed me to try their new service and give away an online shopping spree! How Zestii works:

Zestii – Intro from Zestii on Vimeo.

Step 1: Sign up. It’s super fast and easy, plus you get an automatic $5 credit for your first purchase!

Step 2: Select where you want to shop online. There are 207 stores that currently partner with Zestii, ranging from Target, Barnes & Noble, and Express, to Gap, Bloomingdale’s, LuLu*s, and tons more.

Step 3: Get cash back when you make online purchases by clicking through Zestii. For example, shopping online at Target will get you a credit for 2.5% of your purchase. At shopbop.com, you’ll get 7% back, or 10.5% back from Endless or Piperlime. That’s a lot of savings!

Step 4: After shopping, you’ll receive a credit on your Zestii account. Credits can be redeemed for cash back through paypal, or you can trade them in for fun gift cards from Macy’s, TOMS Shoes, Groupon, Banana Republic, or a trillion other amazing places.

My Experience: To test out the service, I chose to shop at Sephora. I logged in to my Zestii account and clicked through to the Sephora website. I checked out just like normal, and was even able to use my frequent buyer card to get beauty points. Based on the total I spent at Sephora and their percent return rate, I received a Zestii credit of $3.18. I plan to redeem the credit for a gift card to Target!

My Opinion: Zestii was super easy to use, and had lots of brand affiliates that I spend money at regardless. I definitely would use it in the future when I’m planning to purchase things, because why not get free cash back for what I spend? The only negative things I have to say about the site are that it took about 3 days for the credit to appear on my Zestii account, and you can’t redeem your credits for a gift card until you have at least $10 in credits. Also, I’ve heard of several other companies recently, especially Ebates, that essentially provide the same type of service. But since I haven’t used any of the others I can’t say how they truly compare. Overall, the positives and ease of Zestii definitely make it worthwhile!

Oh yeah, the giveaway part!!!: The wonderful people at Zestii have offered a $20 credit (plus the $5 you get for signing up!) to be used for online shopping on any Zestii affiliate website… that’s over 200 stores to choose from! To enter, simply leave a comment telling me about the best deal you’ve ever gotten online :) The giveaway will remain open until midnight EST on Friday, July 29th, and the winner will be selected randomly and announced the following Monday. Please only one entry per person. Good luck and happy shopping!

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