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1 Jul

Many of the blogs I follow regular post series of random little things currently making them happy. Something too small for its own piece, but too beautiful not to show case. Here’s the first attempt at my own version, little things that brought a smile to my foodie face this week. Enjoy!

1. Fresh whole wheat pita bread.

2. Korean Barbeque. (Moodaepo in Little Korea, Los Angeles)

3. Organic meditteranean from Momed

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My Top 8 Favorite Places I’ve Been… Part 2!

1 Mar

Last time I told y’all a little about The Bahamas, Chicago, St. Maarten, and Israel… Without further adieu here are my final favorites!

5. Ireland. Dublin has got to be one of the most fun cities I’ve ever been in in my entire life. I visited the University (Trinity College) and walked around the nearby park and shopping area called Grafton Street. It has so much history, great nightlife (pubs and the Guinness Brewery), and awesome theatre. The Irish scenery is also gorgeous, as displayed below.

6. St. Louis. Okay maybe not the most exciting city ever but my dad’s family lives there and I always have a great time when I go to visit. The Arch may be a tourist destination spot but everyone should go to the top at least once (the elevator ride up is crazy!) One of my favorite memories is going to a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium. And the Washington University campus is always a fun walk.

7. London. Clearly one of the world’s mega cities… Great shopping, great historic sites, seeing Phantom of The Opera on the West End was absolutely phenomenal…and… did I mention the shopping? I would love to go back and spend way more time wandering through the British Museum. I also really enjoyed Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London. Unfortunately my personal photos are on an external hard drive I don’t have access to, but here are some via weheartit.)

8. Los Angeles. Hands down my absolutely favorite city in the entire world (well, besides maybe Austin which will always be home.) I love the food, the beach, the vibe… everything. I’ve visited just about too many times to count, but here are some fave photos. Continue reading

On My Way….

23 Nov

As I write this post, I am sitting in the Southwest Airlines terminal at LAX watching my plane’s departure status get delayed for a third time this afternoon. Oy. Thank the lord there’s a Pinkberry in this terminal and a twitter app on my phone or I don’t know what in the world I’d be doing with my time. I haven’t been home since July and I can’t wait to see my parents and celebrate Thanksgiving with some great food and a few football games as big as Texas!

Random thought: I would really like to pet the security German Shepherd stationed at my gate but I feel like that’s probably frowned upon. Too bad. Continue reading

My Little LA Get-A-Way

19 Oct

As many of you know, this past weekend my boyfriend and I made a short trip to Los Angeles to visit his family for his mom’s birthday. The trip, though sadly only 2.5 days long, was absolutely fantastic and exactly what I needed to get through the rest of this academically difficult semester. Although the weather was basically terrible, we still had a great time enjoying friends, family, and fabulous food. Unfortunately since the weather was a bit nasty I didn’t take too many pictures (also my digital camera is broken so that’s another reason) but I did snap a few with my smart phone. Here’s a little run down of my perfect mini-vacation.

We arrived Friday morning and had lunch at a delicious panini shop in Beverly Hills. Both my boyfriend and I were extremely exhausted from the week and just wanted to relax at the house for a bit so we spent the afternoon hanging out. For his mom’s birthday dinner we ate at Porta Via and I had the most flavorful and lean lamb dish I think I’ve ever had in my life. For dessert we all shared a delicious chocolate souffle (a la mode, duh!). Later at night the BF and I journeyed to Koreatown for some authentic boba tea which we had both been missing and craving. Continue reading

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