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Making Your Own Sushi

21 Nov

A few nights ago one of my roommates and I attended a make-your-own sushi party. I absolutely love seafood (and the more raw, the better) so this was a really fun experience…. even if I don’t think I have a successful career as a sushi chef ahead of me. I’m definitely going to be looking for a local market in my area where I will be able to buy sushi-grade fish to attempt making a few things on my own! Here’s how it went down:

Step 1: Lay seawood shiny side up on your rolling bamboo. Wet hands and then mash a thin layer of rice all around.

Lay out all your ingredients. I put cucumber, avocado, and crab in mine :)

Roll, slice, and you're done!

I had such a fun time doing this with my friends, I can’t wait to try it again sometime. I’m quite the seafood and sushi addict… have you ever tried to make your own rolls? What’s your favorite kind of sushi? I’m rather partial to tootsie rolls and crunchy spicy tuna… mmm yummo!



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