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You Shuk Me All Night Long

8 Jun

As you read this, my cousin and I are traipsing around Paris getting into all kinds of trouble. But you’ll hear about that probably next week. Until then, here are some photos from “the shuk,” a crowded marketplace in the center of Jerusalem where you can buy almost anything. Literally, the freshest food and smells and most random things I’ve ever seen. Enjoy!
P.S. In case you didn’t catch the news from Monday’s post, I’m moving to Los Angeles in less than a week! Any tips you have for someone new to the city would be absolutely wonderful and greatly appreciated.

Tons of wonderful smelling spices and seasonings

Fresh produce

Wrapped candies, sweets, and honey sticks

Delicious dried fruits and snacks

Straight from the oven Challah breads, bagels, and other yummy pastries

I know I’m a nerd, I always have to take pictures of food! I think I’m secretly quite the fatty on the inside. I definitely think I’ve gained a trillion pounds since leaving the U.S., and let’s not even start talking about all the amazing things I’ve been eating in France. I can’t wait to share more of my adventures with you, and don’t forget to leave some advice about my big move to L.A.!




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