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Rave on. (Avicii!)

16 Feb

Sorry for the radio silence this semester, I’ve been rehearsing non-stop for a play which opens tonight! Hours and hours of rehearsal are about to pay off as I perform this weekend in The Vagina Monologues! (P.S. I will laugh if you e-mail subscribers find this in your spam box because it contains the word “vagina.”) My mommy flew in from Texas to see me perform (oh, ya know, and sorority mom’s weekend) and I’m so excited to have her for the weekend :) In the meantime, here are a few photos from the Avicii concert that I went to with some sisters a few weeks ago! Warning: neon, sequins, and tutus ahead.

(From L to R) Hannah in sequins, Danielle and Logan in neon, me in a tiara, and Liz... wearing a spirit hood.

Members of my sorority fambam who came to the show being goofy! Hannah, Danielle, Me, Camryn, and Logan

Sisters who rave together stay together <3 We just wanna dance, ya know?

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Daily Gratitude Part 1

7 Dec

With Thanksgiving behind us and the holidays and new year’s up ahead, it’s important to remember the little things in life that are truly the most important. I was cleaning out my phone the other day and thought I’d share a few photos from this semester (which literally flew by at an alarming rate of speed) that make me smile :) P.S. more to come in another post as well, don’t want to overload you with too many silly things at once.

Neon roller skating mixer with PIKE fraternity

New Vince Camuto gold glitter heels being purchased

Late night Sonic runs with the roommates to make it through term papers and studying for finals

Sisters being silly in the rec room. (My sister Jaelyn is about 4'10" and my sister Liz is about 5'10"... and wearing heels, ha!)

The same silly sister Liz and I goofing off in the movie theater lobby while waiting for Breaking Dawn Part 1 to start!

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