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Stripe Me

3 Feb

Today’s post is short and sweet as I want to start/finish this big paper before the weekend! (Wish me luck…) This morning when I woke up it was 19 degrees outside. My alarm hadn’t gone off yet, but I was awoken to the sound of multiple roommates cursing the fact that our pipes were frozen and they would be unable to shower before class. And then the smoke detector starting going off. And then I really needed to leave and go to class. Only fittingly, as soon as I got there the girl sitting next to me proceeded to announce to the whole class that she had whooping cough and the doctor told her she’s been contagious for the last 2 weeks. Um, thanks. Let’s just say today has basically been NO BUENO.

Luckily it’s supposed to be in the 70s again by Monday and I hope the warm weather is here to stay. I was just not meant to be a snow bunny and I already have spring fever. Here’s something I saw online recently that I can’t wait to sport around, the only problem is… how will I ever choose between navy or tan??

Old Navy shirts, $14.50. Perfection. Continue reading

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